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REO Speedwagon "Keep Pushin'" After All These Years

Since 1967, REO Speedwagon has been strummin', beatin', and jammin' all over this "Golden Country".  Do they look tired?  Not at all.  They keep "Rollin' With The Changes". Just last Summer I had yet another opportunity to see these cats in Mt. Pleasant, MI with Boston and there was no sign of aging present.  Such a classic American band.  Only because I "Can't Fight This Feeling", I'm going to strongly suggest you check them out Jan. 17th at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI.  But for now it's "Time For Me To Fly".  Even if you don't go or can't go, I'm going to "Keep On Loving You" because you continue to enjoy my posts on NorthernSpin.com :)

Michigan Can Compete With NYC & Vegas This NYE

The Mitten Bar, Ludington, Mich.
In the company of other bars in New York City, Atlanta, Aspen & New Orleans, even Las Vegas - Ludington, yes in Michigan, was in the top 8.

"Better than the ball drop: 8 great New Year’s Eve party bars",
according to Yahoo!

 Ludington, Mich., has its own ball drop. Who knew? If you’re a beer lover, you’ve likely heard of Mitten Bar. It’s been featured in Road Belly Magazine, and both Draft magazine and Food & Wine listed it as a 2013 best beer bar in our nation. “We are located just feet from the Downtown Ludington Ball Drop, and this is a huge night for us,” says Owner Megan Payment. “So partygoers can view the Ball Drop from inside our space while drinking an incredible Michigan brew. We usually live stream a show like Umphrey’s McGee or something similar, and additionally, we'll be featuring L. Mawby Sex on Tap.”

Bring it on Home to the Intersection in Grand Rapids

Where's my Zeppelin fans?  Sometimes there's just certain bands that can't be replicated, and until now I thought Led Zeppelin was one of those bands.  I have seen tribute bands do some great things and sound fantastic (especially if you close your eyes), but until I saw Led Zeppelin 2 perform I was skeptical of a tribute band being the full package.  This is one band you will want to keep your eyes open so that you can emulate the dream of returning to the 1970s.  Led Zeppelin 2 will be performing their talents at the Intersection in Grand Rapids Dec 30th.  I know it's the night before New Years eve, but this should be the night (if you need to pick just one) you make happen.
Here's a little snippet for you to enjoy, so you don't have to just take my word for it.

Mike Birbiglia: Thank God For Jokes

Award-winning filmmaker, author, and comedian Mike Birbiglia returns to the stage with more painfully awkward stories of telling jokes and how that can get you in trouble. Join Birbiglia as he visits Cats-a-chusetts, argues with someone about their nut allergy, hosts an awards show for angry celebrities, and learns that Fozzie Bear is a tough act to follow. Ira Glass of public radio's This American Life writes "Birbiglia's stories are even funnier live than they are on the radio." Time Magazine calls Birbiglia "master of the personal, embarrassing tale." The New York Times describes him as a "supremely enjoyable monologist."
City Opera House, Jan. 15th, 2014

American Big Band's Home For the Holidays

In American Big Band, a cast of 8 singer/dancers and 12 musicians perform a jazzy and snazzy evening featuring a fully staged, costumed and choreographed big band show. Established in 2004, American Big Band has thrilled audiences everywhere with their show-stopping synthesis of Big Band stylings and Broadway staging. Their ability to meld popular classics with the latest show tunes and choreography creates a uniquely entertaining evening perfect for the holidays. Their City Opera House debut performance of Home for the Holidays will feature all-time holiday hits from Bing to Buble in an energizing holiday spectacular!
Group info: 10 for 10: Bring a group of 10 or more and save 10%

The Second City's Nut-Cracking Holiday Revue

The Second City’s Nut-Cracking Holiday Revue captures all the magic, mystery, and mayhem of the season with original songs, brand-new sketches, and some classic favorites. The Second City’s Nut-Cracking Holiday Revue will have you and yours laughing all the way through this festive season. Don't miss The Second City’s Nut-Cracking Holiday Revue this holiday!
The Second City's Nut-Cracking Holiday Revue is a terrific setting for holiday celebrations and perfect antidote to the traditional office party. Bring your boss, your teenager and your best friend – The Second City's Nut-Cracking Holiday Revue is a great addition to your list of holiday traditions.

Mazzy Star Make an Appearance at The Majestic

When Mazzy Star last released an album, 1996′s Among My Swan, Bill Clinton was still president. Seventeen years later, the duo of David Roback and Hope Sandoval are set to return with the forthcoming Seasons of Your Day.Roback tells Rolling Stone the impetus for finally releasing new music was simple: an upcoming tour that will kick off in November. “We just decided to release a collection of songs,” he says. “We’re going to be doing more concerts in the future, so we thought it would be exciting to perform some of our unreleased newer songs.” Mazzy Star was widely believed to be on hiatus for some time, but Roback and Sandoval say they have continued to make music all these years. “We’re always recording music, writing songs,” Sandoval says. WSG: Psychic Ills
Nov. 15th at the Majestic in Detroit. Tix $25

Is Traverse City All Festival-ed Out?

adapted from Detroit Free Press
Traverse City - A resort community in hard-pressed Michigan is debating so-called “festival fatigue.”
Traverse City is located on a Lake Michigan bay about 250 miles northwest of Detroit. It’s known for beautiful beaches, wineries, top-notch restaurants and a thriving arts scene.
It also has lots of festivals. Some residents say they cause too much noise, litter and traffic. The critics also say the events monopolize a popular waterfront park called the “Open Space.”
But others say it’s ironic to hear such complaints in a city that depends on tourism, especially with young families struggling to find good-paying jobs.
Mayor Michael Estes says the city commission is reconsidering its policy on using city parks for festivals and will try to find a happy medium.  By John Flesher - The Associated Press

What are your thoughts about this?  Is TC over saturated with too much "Festivus" or are we demanding more?  Can TC handle it?  Sounds to me like we should have a festival celebrating the glory of having a festival.  I'll say one thing, they better not get rid of the Cherry-T Ball Drop. ;)

Bring it Back a Notch

Today is the night we set our clocks back to conform to the Daylight Savings Time (DST) method.  So, keeping it in the spirit of the political season, we listed the controversy between the Proponents and the Opponents, as found in the Wikipedia:

  • Proponents of DST generally argue that it saves energy, promotes outdoor leisure activity in the evening, and is therefore good for physical and psychological health, reduces traffic accidents, reduces crime, or is good for business. Groups that tend to support DST are urban workers or professionals, retail businesses, outdoor sports enthusiasts and businesses, tourism operators, and others who benefit from increased light during the evening.
  • Opponents argue that actual energy savings are inconclusive, that DST can disrupt morning activities, and that the act of changing clocks twice a year is economically and socially disruptive and cancels out any benefit. Groups that have tended to oppose DST are farmers, transportation companies, and the indoor entertainment business.

  • Either way, ya gotta do it.  Yeeeaaaahhhh Boi!

    Grand Traverse Mall Welcomes Bagger Daves

    Did you know there was yet another new restaurant in town?  Neither did I until I passed the Grand Traverse Mall and saw this new face proudly standing next to the main entrance.
    For those who are not familiar with Bagger Dave's Burger Tavern, I highly recommend a visit.  My first experience was in Grand Rapids where I had one of the most mouth-watering burgers ever.  Swing in, check out the menu, the bar, the friendly staff (above all) and enjoy the element of surprise as you engulf a delicious burger from Bagger Dave's.  Keep in mind they have other good stuff too.

    "It all begins with the freshest-of-fresh ingredients and imaginative flavor combinations custom crafted for."


    One Stop For All Your Live Entertainment Needs

    With so many choices of Halloween parties, Events and things to do, consider this:


    You'll be glad you did.  

    Kastanza is Making Big Waves in Grand Rapids

    How do you blend the sounds of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Ray Vaughn and The Darkness, then add some Soul?  Well you ask Ben, Andy & Kevin aka Kastanza to whip something out.  I first saw these monsters of innovation at Billy's Lounge in Grand Rapids, MI.  Amazed by not only the eclectic sounds but the incredible talents that spewed from their instruments.  These cats make it look easy as they exploit their passion for their favorites songs as well as their own original songs performed on stage.
    Watch out for these guys, because you WILL be hearing more from them in the days to come. ****1/2

    More Info:  https://www.facebook.com/Kastanzajamz

    City Opera House: Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack Show

    They were style with substance, swing with swagger, and a nonstop party. Everyone wanted an invitation! Now celebrate the Golden Anniversary of The Rat Pack with Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack Show. This is not a tribute show, but a one-of-a-kind theatrical production that includes original songs as well as exciting new arrangements of classic songs everyone knows and loves.
    You need to check this out, especially if you're too young to remember what kind of impact these crooners had on our society.
    We'll see you @ The City Opera House, Traverse City, MI - October 25th

    Wait...What? Great Music @ The State and it's FREE?

    Rock The Ribbon! Today's Best Hits Mix 106.3's Rock the Ribbon 2013...A FREE Concert for Breast Cancer Awareness, Brought to you by: Prime Brothers Furniture.
    Mix 106.3's Rock The Ribbon will feature: Brent James & the Vintage Youth.......Serena Ryder......Five For Fighting.....Parachute.....and Walk Off The Earth.
    Rock the Ribbon is a Free Event, but you need a Ticket to get in! So keep listening for Ticket Stop locations coming soon.
    It's the Concert Event of the Year. Rock The Ribbon 2013 with the American Cancer Society and Today's Best Hits Mix 106.3
    Ticket Stop UpdateLimit 2 Tickets per person while tickets last at each location. Tickets will be handed out a half hour after ticket stop remote begins. (Must be 16 or older with I.D.) This is an All Ages Show.
    Tickets for the "Rock The Ribbon" concert are free! Just keep listening for ticket stop locations. It's "Rock The Ribbon 2013" brought to you by Prime Brothers Furniture and Today's Best Hits Mix 106.3 !
    Check them out at the State Theater in Bay City, MI - October 15th.

    Be Sure to Check Out This Event @ Streeter's

    Sault Ste. Marie, Get Ready For Paul Krawl and the KingSnakes

    Wait until you witness how they, on the fly, lovingly change one of these classic song into a Reggae Back Beat raising the crowd's frenzy up a notch, or two.  Pretty cool to be there, on the dance floor and see everyone get into a One Love Reggae Groove without even knowing it.  You will NOT go wrong with:

    Paul Krawl and the Kingsnakes
    • They were Johnny Winter's band @ The Monterey Pop Festival
    • Back-up band for "The Pointer Sisters
    • Was THE BAND in the movie "Return of Bruno" starring Bruce Willis

    “If Paul Krawl the KingSnakes optimize Chicago, then give us more! This band shows how it's done...a groove, a beat, and a sound that makes the audience stand up and pay attention...”

    With over 300 songs in the repertoire there is basically NO SONG they can't perform.
    - - Matchbox 20, Maroon 5: They have the current sound nailed
    - - ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton they have that R&B, Roadhouse sound nailed
    - - Beatles, Animals, Rod Stewart, Rolling Stones they have THAT ERA nailed

     Friday & Saturday, October 11th & 12th
    APPEARING in Sault Ste. Marie, MI @ The Satisfied Frog

    Historic Barns Park Open House set for Saturday, October 5

    TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – September 26, 2013 – Curious about all the work going on around those big old barns at the Grand Traverse Commons?

    A behind-the-scenes look at the ongoing redevelopment of Historic Barns Park will be held on Saturday, October 5 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Open to the public, the free “Walk in the Park” Open House is a great opportunity to learn more about park projects and activities.

    Once the agricultural area for the former Traverse City State Hospital, Historic Barns Park is being redeveloped into a unique multi-use public park that includes space for agriculture, horticulture, recreation, education and community events.

    The 56-acre park is owned and managed by the joint Traverse City/Garfield Township Recreational Authority, with management and programming assistance from two community nonprofit organizations, the Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park and SEEDS. The park is also home to a large community garden. Docents and representatives from park programs will be on hand throughout the event to give tours and answer questions. Maps and directions for self-guided tours will also be available. Specific programming includes:

    10:30 a.m. – Welcoming remarks and brief park overview, Traverse City/Garfield Township Recreational Authority
    11:00 a.m. – Agricultural overview, SEEDS
    11:15 a.m. – Community Garden overview

    Years of planning and fundraising led to a busy construction season this past spring and summer, including environmental and demolition work on several park buildings, the installation of a geothermal well field to help heat and cool the massive Cathedral Barn, the construction of a new commuter trail across the length of the park, and extensive remodeling of the former farm granary into a new Visitor Center that will be the home base for the Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park. The “Walk in the Park” will be the first public opportunity for a sneak peek inside the new Visitor Center, which will not officially open until next spring.

    “We hope everyone comes out to take a Walk in the Park and help us celebrate the progress being made this year,” said Ross Biederman, chair of the Recreational Authority Board of Directors.

    Historic Barns Park sits on the northwest corner of the intersection of Silver Lake Road and Franke Road/Silver Drive. Day-of-event parking is available at the nearby Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District (TBAISD) on Red Drive, or at Copper Ridge. Shuttles will be available between the park and TBAISD. For more information, visit www.historicbarnspark.com or call 231-929-3696.

    Fundraising is ongoing for additional capital improvements to the park. All donations at this time are being matched by another donor, currently doubling every dollar that is pledged to the Historic Barns Park and Botanic Garden campaign. Donations can be made through the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation at (231) 935-4066 or http://www.gtrcf.org/give/our-funds.html/75/.

    Arlo Guthrie Comes to Traverse City Opera House

    Arlo Guthrie, the eldest son of America's most beloved singer/writer/philosopher Woody Guthrie performs a night of inspiring music accompanied by heartwarming storytelling. With his exceptional solo skills, Arlo proves that the folk tradition his father helped create is still alive and well.
    "Backed by a band which includes his son Abe on keyboards, Guthrie performs a set that touches all four corners of the fabric of American music, including standards, some of his own songs (along with the Steve Goodman-penned "City of New Orleans," which he made famous) and Woody Guthrie's anthem "This Land Is Your Land." This is a unique opportunity to see this legend perform!
    Arlo Guthrie “Here Come the Kids”
    City Opera House
    Friday, October 4, 2013
    City Opera House
    Box Office 231-941-8082 xt201
    Order online at www.cityoperahouse.org


    Experience the Moody Blues at Soaring Eagle Casino

    For over thirty years, The Moody Blues have been musical mainstays on concert stages, recordings and the airwaves. Their remarkable consistency has generated the sale of over 55 million albums and created a standard for classic rock music which has brought them numerous awards and a priceless place in rock history. Tickets start at just $38!

    DATE: Saturday, September 28
    TIME: 8PM (Entertainment Hall)
    PRICES: $38, $44, $55 & $59

    Midland Will Be Filled With Hot Air This Weekend

    image from gogreatlakesbay.blogspot.com
    Midland - The RE/MAX of Midland Balloon Festival is celebrating their 23nd Anniversary September 12-15, 2013 at the Midland County Fairgrounds, which kicks off the United Way campaign in Midland. The launch is usually between 8:00-8:30 and is a beautiful sight to see on your way to work, school or just enjoying the day. Later that morning, the pilots will visit the area elementary schools and talk about their experiences and give them a little education on hot air ballooning.
    The public is invited to Midland County Fairgrounds for all events at no charge other than a canned food item for the Food Pantry of Midland County. RE/MAX of Midland is probably the only big hot-air balloon show in Michigan that does not charge admission. This is just a reminder that THERE ARE NO RIDES GIVEN TO THE PUBLIC. The pilots take up only the sponsors and organizations that help support his event.
    The best way to view this event is to come to the Midland County Fairgrounds. For safety reasons we ask that you do not follow the balloons by car or do not cross the ropes on the fairgrounds unless authorized. People like to try and get a closer look, but while the balloons are inflating and deflating this could be very dangerous.
    If you would like to see what it’s like to be a crew member, you can call Casey Helmreich at 989-923-4321 and you can volunteer for a pilot that is in need for crew members. Crew members are expected to help throughout the weekend and be prepared by bringing work gloves and being in good physical health and able to lift. This is not an easy task, but very enjoying.
    Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at approximately 7:30 a.m.
    Friday and Saturday evening at approximately 6:00 p.m.
    Skydivers are schedule at approximately 7:00 p.m. on Saturday evening
    AFTER GLOWS Scheduled for Friday and Saturday evening at DUSK
    (All scheduled events are Weather Permitting)
    (information obtained from www.MidlandIsHome.com)

    Sunday in The Parkapalooza, Sanford Style

    Come join the biggest event this September will see.  The Parkapalooza happens this Sunday, Sept 8th, 2013 starting @ noon - Sanford Lake Park.  Featuring 8 bands, Kid's Activities, Sand Sculpting Contest, Huge Silent Auction and much more.
    Band Line-Up
    12P - Acapulco Gold
    1P - Ten Hands Tall
    2P - The Juice Roosters
    3P - The Matt Ryan Band
    4P - The Sinclairs
    5P - Steel Wheels
    6P - Avenue 5
    7P - Burn Around
    Come give Summer one last kiss goodbye or celebrate the beginning of Fall with the Annual Parkapalooza.  See you there!

    Dally in the Ally, in the D

    Who said Summer festivals had to end after Labor Day?  With such a great turnout and excitement still steaming from the hotness in Royal Oak known as Arts, Beats, & Eats, there comes yet another Detroit style event that will satisfy the soul like only Detroiters can.  This Saturday, in Downtown, be sure to check out the ONE DAY ONLY EVENT that will keep you begging for more.

    The 36th Annual Dally in the Ally is back.  A 12 hour event with 5 stages, more than enough vendors and thousands of people excited to share in the experience. This Saturday, Sept 7th, from 11A - 11P.
    If you're not there, then you better have a good excuse.  Peace out!

    For more info.  www.dallyintheally.com

    Where Will You Be This Saturday?

    Are You Going to Chris Cagle Saturday September 7th Tickets On Sale: Thursday, May 16th Advance Tickets: $27 + $3 Handling Doors @ 7, Show @ 8 Must be 18+ w/Valid Photo ID  *For Reserved Tables, Bottle Service, Group Services: Call 231-932-1300 TICKETS WILL NOT BE SHIPPED. YOU MUST PICK TICKETS UP AT THE STREETERS BOX OFFICE USING VALID PHOTO ID. *For pick up, Box Office hours are Monday - Friday: 3pm - 6pm in Traverse City?

    Let's Go Out to The Ball Game...

    The second monthly "Date Night" is just around the corner, open to all couples! Join us for the final Loons Baseball Game at Dow Diamond on Friday, August 30, 7 p.m. We have reserved the special Outfield Reserved Area (near the fire pit by the south entrance). Fireworks will follow the game. We also have T-Shirts available for sale ahead of time (Just $12 each!)...you can wear them to all the "Date Nights".

    We're giving away a night's stay at On Eagle's Wings Bed & Breakfast off Hubbard Rd. in Midland. YOU could be the lucky couple!! Tickets for the game, special seating, and chance to win the drawing just $30/couple!!

    Get your reservations in today!! Seating is limited. Join us!!

    History Center Coast Guard City Exhibit

    TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN:  The History Center of Traverse City (HCTC) will close its “Building Blocks of America” exhibit on Labor Day, September 2nd.  A Lego Coast Guard Helicopter, by Dan Parker, a Lego Professional Artist will introduce a new exhibit titled “Guardians of the lakes.”   Lego replicas of our Nation’s iconic structures have been enjoyed by over 15,000 guests from all over the world.  “Today, guests from Denmark sought out our museum to see what Traverse City is doing with their home grown Lego exhibit,” stated Bill Kennis, History Center Executive Director.  “Nearly half of our visitors are from outside the State of Michigan”, said Kennis. The featured Lego structures included a 10’ tall Statue of Liberty, Monticello (Thomas Jefferson’s Home), White House, Seattle Space Needle, Golden Gate Bridge & Empire State Building.  Kids helped build the 24’ Mackinaw Bridge during the grand opening Memorial weekend.  Other Michigan buildings are exhibited including Building 50 from the Traverse City State Hospital.
    Beyond the static Lego exhibits , everyone can freelance build (assorted play bricks) and test drive their creations down a 18’ ramp; younger guests can play in the life-sized  block tunnels and with Jumbo Blocks for building boats, forts, and providing towers of fun.
    The Lego Exhibit, “Building Blocks of America” featured until Labor Day and is open 7 days a week 10-5 p.m. except Sunday 12-5 p.m.  Don’t miss additional Children’s fun that includes:  excavating for rocks and minerals, copper ingots and arrowheads in 2,000 pounds of cherry pits and exploring hands-on the train and logging industry in our Children’s Cupola.  Magical History Trolley Tours are fun yet educational about TC’s history runs ThursdayMonday check website for times and reservation information or call for information.
    The “Guardians of the Lake” Coast Guard exhibit opens Saturday, August 31st and will be displayed until Labor Day, 2014. The exhibit features an overview of US Coast Guard history, local US Coast Guard history, video clips through the years, vintage photos, models, uniforms and interactive activities for children. 
    The History Center of Traverse City Museum is also featuring “Traverse History From Above” aerial photos from the 1920’s through the 1970’s. The aerial exhibit covers areas including: The State Hospital, Front Street, Bay front, Central Neighborhood, Civic Center area, Iron works and with other amazing shots.
    “We are focused on a family friendly education experience for families, students and visitors interested in our wonderful local history”; stated Bill Kennis – Executive Director of the History Center.
    HCTC exhibits open daily.  Cost is $5 for all guests, age 4 and under free.  History Center of Traverse City, 322 Sixth Street Traverse City, Michigan 49684 (231) 995-0313, traversehistory.org.

    City Opera House Welcomes Aziz Ansari

    Comedian/actor, Aziz Ansari, comes to City Opera House for two nights - Tuesday, September 3 rd and Wednesday, September 4th , 2013 at 7 pm. Most known for his role in the beloved Emmy-nominated NBC series Parks and Recreation which recently began production on its sixth season, Ansari co-stars opposite Amy Poehler. Ansari’s portrayal of government employee ‘Tom Haverford’ has earned critical praise including Entertainment Weekly naming him one of their “Breakout TV Stars,” TV Guide naming him a “Scene Stealer” and People Magazine naming him 2011’s “Funniest Dude in Prime Time.”

    Don't Laugh Now, But Rodney is Looking...

    ...and he's looking to entertain us all this Friday at the Soaring Eagle Casino I Mt. Pleasant.  Cancel your previous plans and get over there.  This is a night you will NOT want to miss.
    Rodney Carrington is a multitalented comedian, actor, and writer who has recorded eight major record label comedy albums selling over 3 million copies. Morning Wood has been certified gold and Greatest Hits has been certified Platinum by the RIAA. Rodney starred in his own TV sitcom Rodney, which ran for two seasons on ABC. He co-wrote and co-starred with Toby Keith in the feature film Beer for My Horses. In 2011 Rodney partnered with the ACA (American Country Awards) by presenting at their awards show and hosting the American Country New Year’s Eve Live show on Fox. According to Pollstar, Rodney has been one of the top ten highest grossing touring comedians for the last ten years and among the top 4 or 5 the last several years. Rodney is on track to be in the top 5 again in 2012. He regularly performs to sold out crowds across the US and Canada. Tickets start at just $34!
    Friday, August 23 @ 8PM (Entertainment Hall)

    GTASFA Salmon Classic

    The Grand Traverse Area Sport Fishing Association will host its annual Salmon Classic fishing tournament on East & West Grand Traverse Bays

    Traverse City, Michigan Friday August 30th - Sunday September 1st – The Grand Traverse Area Sport Fishing Association (GTASFA) will host the 2013 Salmon Classic fishing tournament on East & West Grand Traverse Bays. This annual event invites anglers from all over Michigan to fish for Cash & Prizes in a number of different tournaments. Over $15,000 in cash will be up for grabs including $5000 for 1st Place. 4 individual tournaments make up the 2013 Salmon Classic. Friday is the Ladies Classic, Saturday & Sunday are the Sweet 16 (for boats under 16' in length and the Main Event. There is also a largest fish competition that runs all 3 days. New this year, we will broadcast lines in announcements and captains interviews on WTCM 103.5fm & 93.5fm. Over $1000 in doors prizes will be given away through out the weekend. For more information go to www.GTASFA.com or Tournament Director Steveo Joslin 231.342.8442 Pre-registration for the GTASFA Salmon Classic is now active on www.GTASFA.com. Pre-registration is STRONGLY encouraged. A full schedule of fishing times, captains meetings and weigh-ins is available at GTASFA.com. The 2013 Salmon Classic is presented by Miller Lite, Warrior Lures & WTCM 103.5fm & 93.5fm. Proceeds benefit fishing programs through out Northern Lower Michigan.

    The Grand Traverse Area Sport Fishing Association is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting fishing lifestyle and heritage, serving in Grand Traverse, Benzie, Leelanau, Kalkaska & Antrim counties. With over 300 members GTASFA's mission to make fishing bigger and better in Northern Michigan by welcoming those new to the sport and giving experienced anglers the cutting-edge information they need to succeed.

    Contact Information:


    PO Box 732

    Traverse City, Michigan 49685

    Info@GTASFA.com 231.342.8442

    A Little Detroit Secret, Know Around The World.

    It sometimes takes months, even years to get the feeling you belong to a certain bar or restaurant.  A place you call your own.  A place you tell your buddies, "Hey, I know this great place.  They know me there."  Well I found one and it only took one stop.  By the time I made my second appearance, I found myself enjoying the entire evening chatting away with the owners Larry & Diane.  Diane kept my glued to my seat with stories of the history of Café D'Mongo's.  The people they have met, the countless "celebrities" that have graced them with there presence.  She was so proud yet humbled by the visits.  In my opinion, it's the guests and, yes, the "celebrities" that should be honored to partake in such an exquisite establishment.
    Café D'Mongo's is a petite speakeasy with larger than life details. Seats and booths left over from the 60s may as early as the 20s. Photos and art everywhere you look to keep you intrigued for hours.  Live entertainment packed in the front, with only enough room for the musicians to take a half of breath between notes. The staff, I was fortunate enough to have, was attentive, efficient and friendly.  A trio you can't find every day. Red (pictured) introduced me to their, now world famous, drink called 'Detroit Brown'.  A perfect blend of top secret liquor and mixes to satisfy your taste in an evening of socializing with new friends. 
    Café D'Mongo's is a must stop for everyone.  This is the most eclectic mix of folks I have ever seen under one (small) roof.  So re-introduce yourself to Detroit, and make a stop to Café D'Mongo's.  Tell 'em Brian sent ya. You will not be disappointed. Nestled in a tight little neighborhood off Clifford St. @ 1439 Griswold St. Detroit, MI.  Cheers!

    Here's a few link to help you discover the beauty of this little gem.

    Say Yes to Yes in Mt. Pleasant

    Yes are currently Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Geoff Downes & Jon Davison, touring albums The Yes Album, Close to the Edge, and Going for the One. Three albums in their entirety. Although Jon Anderson will not be amongst the great talents this trip, the unmistakable sounds of Yes will filling the skies just the same. Yes will perform this Saturday, August 10th @ The Soaring Eagle Casino, Mt. Pleasant, MI. Outdoor venue with lawn seats starting at only $12 & floor seats starting at $35.
    This is a NorthernSpin 'Must See' Event.

    Is it Cherry Fest Already? Almost!

    Performing: Saturday, June 29th @ Bayside Stage - Open Space, Traverse City, MI

    Styx formed in Chicago. Twin brothers Chuck and John Panozzo first got together with their neighbor Dennis DeYoung in 1961 in the Roseland section of the south side of Chicago, eventually taking the band name "The Tradewinds". Chuck Panozzo left to attend seminary school for a year but returned to the group by 1964. By this time, the others had brought in guitarist Tom Nardini to teach Chuck the guitar. Chuck decided to rejoin the others as bassist. Brother John was the drummer, while Dennis had switched from accordion to organ and piano. In 1965, the name "Tradewinds" was changed to TW4 after another band called The Trade Winds broke through nationally. By 1966, the Panozzo brothers had joined DeYoung at Chicago State University and kept the group together doing gigs at high schools and frat parties while studying to be teachers. In 1969, they added a college buddy, John Curulewski, on guitar after Nardini departed. Guitarist James "J.Y." Young came aboard in 1970 making TW4 a quintet.

    In 1972, the band members decided to choose a new name when they signed to Wooden Nickel Records; several suggestions were made and, says DeYoung, Styx was chosen because it was "the only one that none of us hated".

    The Grand Illusion (1977) became the group's breakthrough album, reaching Triple Platinum certification and spawning a top-ten hit and AOR radio staple in the DeYoung-written "Come Sail Away,", which reached #8 in 1978, as well as a second radio hit, Shaw's "Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)", which reached #29 the same year.

    Through the late 1970s, the band enjoyed its greatest success. The album Pieces of Eight (1978) found the group moving in a more straight-ahead pop-rock direction and spawned the Shaw-written hit singles "Renegade,", #16 in the U.S., and "Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)," #21 in the U.S., plus a minor hit in the release "Sing for the Day" that stopped just short of the Top Forty at #41.[2]

    Cornerstone (1979) yielded the group's first number one hit, the DeYoung ballad "Babe" [3]. By early 1980, "Babe" had become the band's biggest international hit and first million-selling single, reaching number six in the United Kingdom [4]. The album also included the #26 DeYoung hit "Why Me", and "Borrowed Time" which was co-written with Shaw, plus Shaw's "Boat On The River". The popularity of the album helped win the band a People's Choice Award for Best New Song in 1980. Styx was nominated for the Twenty-Second Grammy Awards[5] for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group. Cornerstone's engineers Gary Loizzo and Rob Kingsland were nominated for a Grammy[6] at the 22nd Grammy Awards for Best Engineered Recording.

    Mark Your Calendars; July 6th

    Wings of Wonder will be releasing an adult bald eagle on Saturday, July 6th, 10am at Eagle's Meadow, located approximately 7 1/2-8 miles east of Empire, on M-72.  The public is invited to attend.  Bring your camera, leave the dog at home and arrive a bit early.  Wings of Wonder will be passing the hat to raise funds for future bald eagle rehabilitations and releases so please consider donating.
    I will be sharing the eagle's story with everyone prior to the release.  Make sure you arrive in plenty of time to park and get a good viewing spot.
    Please share this information with your friends, families and colleagues.  Everyone is welcome to attend this special event.
    If you have any questions, please give a jingle to the center at 231-326-4663

    GTASFA Weekly Fishing League Kicks Off

    Traverse City, Michigan Wednesday May 15, 2013 – The Grand Traverse Area Sport Fishing Association will kick off its 2013 Weekly Fishing League at the Elmwood Township Launch on West Grand Traverse Bay. The Weekly Fishing League takes place most Wednesday nights through out the summer at different ports across Northern Michigan. The first night of league is an all species night on West Grant Traverse Bay. Entry is $10 each night per registered angler. Anglers are welcome to fish the league for points of only show up for a couple nights. Registration will start at 5pm at the launch. Fishing will take place from 6pm til 9pm on West Bay. Weigh-in after fishing. Heaviest fish wins. Payouts are determined by the number of entries. Top 3 largest fish win cash prizes. 1st place also wins a trophy. A complete schedule of league nights and locations is available at www.GTASFA.com

    For more information go to www.GTASFA.com or League Director Steveo Joslin 231.342.8442

    All legal fishing methods ar permitted. A valid Michigan fishing license is required.

    The Grand Traverse Area Sport Fishing Association is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting fishing lifestyle and heritage, serving in Grand Traverse, Benzie, Leelanau, Kalkaska & Antrim counties. With over 300 members GTASFA's mission to make fishing bigger and better in Northern Michigan by welcoming those new to the sport and giving experienced anglers the cutting-edge information they need to succeed.

    Petoskey Is Calling You Home This Weekend

    Get A View From The Top Of Old Traverse City

    TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN: The History Center of Traverse City (HCTC) unveils two new exhibits on Wednesday, May 1st “Traverse History From Above” aerial photos from the 1920’s through the 1970’s (media photos available upon request). Take this step back in time, and you will also have the opportunity to view the HCTC's major new traveling exhibit: "The Grand Traverse Region: Vibrant Reinvention." experience the launch of this full, sweeping review of our area's history!

    The aerial exhibit covers areas including: The State Hospital, Front Street, Bay front, Central Neighborhood, Civic Center area, Iron works and with other amazing shots.

    “The traveling exhibit was professionally designed, "Vibrant Reinvention," and was made possible with a major grant from the Michigan Humanities Council”, said Peg Siciliano, Archivist. “Each of its 12 panels explores a separate topic, such as "School Days," "Commerce and Shopping," or "Culture and the 'Good Life', said Siciliano. This exhibit can be displayed as a whole, or each panel can stand on its own. Individual panels will be available for display at local business and institutions. In an innovative offer, such organizations can arrange for the History Center to research and design an additional "partner panel" which will examine that specific organization's place in our community's history. Anyone interested in this opportunity can contact the History Center.

    These exhibits will be featured through Memorial weekend when the Lego “Building Blocks” exhibit returns and is open Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm. Don’t miss Children’s fun includes: excavating for fossils, copper ingots and arrowheads in 2,000 pounds of cherry pits and exploring hands-on the train and logging industry in our Children’s Cupola.

    “We are focused on a family friendly education experience for families, students and visitors interested in our wonderful local history”; stated Bill Kennis – Executive Director of the History Center.

    Exhibit open daily. Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm through Memorial weekend then 7 days a week until Labor Day. Cost is $5 for all guests, age 4 and under free. History Center, 322 Sixth Street Traverse City, Michigan 49684 (231) 995-0313, www.traversehistory.org.

    Botanical Garden, Traverse City Style

    TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.- April 29, 2013 - It takes a great deal of time to plan and execute the creation of a botanical garden, but Karen Schmidt of the Botanical Garden Society of Northwest Michigan understands the challenge, and with the help and support of her fellow board members and the great community of Traverse City, she can see the first seeds beginning to sprout. "It takes 15 years to plan a garden and get a shovel in the ground," Schmidt explains to moderator Kimberli Bindschatel. Curious to learn more? Catch the next episode of IN FOCUS, a weekly exploration of local treasures and important local issues on public access UpNorthTV 97 & 992.

    The botanical garden will be a public garden, a park free for everyone to explore and learn new things about gardening, different plants, and conservation. The mission is to build a garden that can be open year round, displaying both native and endangered plants. Plans began nearly thirteen years ago, with almost an entire year in meetings just to find a location. Finally, in 2004 a wish was granted, and the Historic Barns Park, on the site of the old Traverse City State Hospital, became home.

    Schmidt hopes, along with being a beautiful location for people to explore and admire, the gardens also become a model to teach others how to create sustainable environments through workshops and classes that would be offered. All that is needed now is the support of funds and the community.

    The Place To Be, Is Union Stree.....t

    A terrible attempt to catch your attention, but if you're ready this then it worked. Check this out:

    Tomorrow night, Union Street Station will host its weekly "Get it in the Can Night" with a double dose of Dj talent as the bars resident, Dj DomiNate plays host to his once a month engagement "The Hometown Throw down". This gig is another way that DomiNate continues to spotlight and showcase the local Dj talent in the region.

    "There are a lot of talented Dj's and producers around here and not enough venues and opportunities for them to perform. Since first starting off my musical career, I've always sought to bring talent with me when possible to share a stage. Over the past few years the clubs, festivals and special events I have performed at have given me many opportunities to do this and now Union Street Station and the "Hometown Throw down" is a excellent way to expose the best of the club Dj culture in the area." - DJ DomiNate

    This Wednesday, DomiNate welcomes Dj JR (Josh King) to the stage for a tag-team style night. Having two of the top Dj's in the region together will turn USS into the city's ultimate house party! Stay up with NortherSpin.Com all summer long for schedule of events for Union Street Station and to keep up with DomiNate and the regions club scene.

    Coming to City Opera House, Traverse City

    TRAVERSE CITY, Mich – Soul Street Dance Company’s Breakin’ Back to School, closes the City Opera House Performing Arts Series with a pop an’ a lock on Saturday, April 13 at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.! entertaining street dancers take on the most popular music of decades past and pair it with selections range from Vivaldi, to Debussy, to Count



    appeals to all ages, ethnicities, and cultures, bringing

    audiences everywhere. And tickets are only $8!

    GTASFA Trout Pond at The Traverse City Hunting & Fishing Expo

    The Grand Traverse Area Sport Fishing Association will once again be hosting the Kid's Trout Pond at the Traverse City Hunting & Fishing Expo

    Traverse City, Michigan,Friday March 15th -Sunday March 17th– The Grand Traverse Area Sport Fishing Association will once again be hosting the Kid's Trout Pond at the Traverse City Hunting & Fishing Expo. The Traverse City Hunting & Fishing Expo is in its 19th year and will return to the Howe Arena at the Civic Center in Traverse City. Hours are Friday 4pm - 9pm, Saturday 9am - 7pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm. Cost to fish is $5 for 1 Child, $8 for 2 Children or $10 for a family. This is also a great time to renew your GTASFA membership, purchase annual dinner tickets or sign up for volunteer opportunities.

    More information at GTASFA.com or contact Jeannie Cole at JeannieLCole@gmail.com

    The Grand Traverse Area Sport Fishing Association is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting fishing lifestyle and heritage, serving in Grand Traverse, Benzie, Leelanau, Kalkaska & Antrim counties. With over 300 members GTASFA's mission to make fishing bigger and better in Northern Michigan by welcoming those new to the sport and giving experienced anglers the cutting-edge information they need to succeed.

    Contact Information:


    PO Box 732

    Traverse City, Michigan 49685

    Brewing up Something Good with the Fabulous Thunderbirds

    Founding member Kim Wilson will be bring his sounds and his band to Traverse City this weekend,  A huge success in the mid to late 80s and now up here to perform their blues sounds bigger and better than ever before. As part of the 4th Annual Traverse City Winter Micro Brew Festival, The Fabulous Thunderbirds will be performing; Blues at the Crossroads 2, A Tribute to Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf, at the Traverse City Opera House this Friday, February 8th, @ 7:00PM

    Comedy Festival in Traverse City 2013

    What's so funny about watching stand-up comedians?  Well...everything!  Laughter is the best medicine and the doctor(s) are in, at least they will be in a few weeks.  The 2013 Traverse City Comedy Fest is back and with a vengeance.  I received an email the other day from my friends Mike & Jeff (founders of the TCCF) and this is a snippet of what they had to say.

    Take a look at our roster of amazing comediansOur advice -- go to as many shows as you can! Most shows will have TWO comedians performing. We've kept the ticket prices low so that the thousands of people coming to TC February 14-17 can enjoy as many shows as possible.

    Here's a small sample of the 25 comedians coming to TC:

    Colin Quinn - star of screen and stage -- SNL Weekend Update, Broadway, TCWCAF Opening Night!
    Dick Gregory - in concert! and receiving our TC Comedy Fest Legends award
    Robert Wuhl - doing his one man show, a hilarious take on American history
    Jeff Garlin & 
    Susie Essman - married on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," appearing together live!
    Set List with Paul Provenza & Troy Conrad - a spin on the traditional stand-up showcase
    Pete Holmes - on Variety's 2011 Top 10 Comics to Watch 
    for a reason.

    Thanks guys, and we all look forward to a great festival Feb. 14-17.  Like I always say, Be there or be...somewhere else.

    John Michael Montgomery Plays Coleman, MI

    United by Sacrifice, an event featuring country singer John Michael Montgomery and other great local talent.  This concert event will take place in May at the Coleman Veterens Memorial in Coleman, MI.

    So here's the deal, since there's some time between now and the event, you can help organziners get the word out and help by becoming a sponsor. Sponsors get all sorts of great stuff for their donation, company logo on event sponsor list, logo on T-Shirts (which I'm sure everyone will want), all media releases, 10 event passes and other great stuff.  Bottom line is this.  Step up, help a great organization do great things and enjoy a great show.

    For more detail, please visit www.colemanveteransmemorial.org or contact Corey Diehl @ 989.948.2014 or Jim Johnston 989.205.1269

    Do something that makes a difference.

    West Bay Holiday Inn Gets a Makeover

     A multi-million dollar renovation has started at the West Bay Holiday Inn in Traverse City.  and is expected to be completed in sometime in May 2013. The Holiday Inn West Bay was recently purchased by ValStone Partners, LLC, a Michigan-based private equity firm and is now under management by Interstate Hotels & Resorts.  Stayed tuned to NorthernSpin.com for more details as they develop.

    Dogs Gone Wild! @ Corson Auditorium, Interlochen

    Have you ever met a talking dog, a real talking dog? Get ready when comedian and ventriloquist Todd Oliver takes the stage – he will introduce you to three of them: Irving, Lucy and Elvis. As featured on “America’s Got Talent,” ventriloquist Todd Oliver’s warm, friendly personality creates a magical family chemistry while the adorable, lovable dogs will make you howl for more!

    Puppets & puppies, what a combo.  Now I haven't seen the cat before, but from all the info on the internet  You tube and other stuff, this looks like a show you DON'T wanna miss.  Interlochen presents Todd Oliver & Friends: Dogs Gone Wild! Tour this Thursday, January 24th @ 7:30PM, Corson Auditorium.  For more info call the box office 800.681.5920 or visit tickets.interlochen.org

    Flogging Molly Stops in Michigan, Just for you

    From their Bio - Founded in Los Angeles in 1997, Flogging Molly has always defied categorization. The infectious originality of their songs is a badge of honor and key to the band's creativity, their urgency. They infuse punk rock with Celtic instruments—violin, mandolin and the accordion—and they merge blues progressions with grinding guitars and traditional Irish music, the music of King's youth. "We're not a traditional band," explains Dublin-born King. "We are influenced by traditional music and inspired by it, but without question we put our own twist on it." Theirs is music of exile and rebellion, of struggle and history and protest. It's music of a country torn down the middle, a deeply beautiful and wounded country that knows no quit, and Flogging Molly pays homage to that resolve in every note. Whether it's a driving anthem like "Black Friday Rule" or the upbeat duet with Lucinda Williams, "Factory Girls", the band's only criteria for its music is simple and bone-deep: that it matter.

    So what does this mean?  Probably not much until you actually have the opportunity to see them perform live.  Well guess what?  You can.  Two shows this week in Michigan.  First one hits the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Jan. 24th and the second show shifts over to the Fillmore in Detroit, Jan. 25th.  Be there or be...less than enthusiastic about this post.

    Good on Paper Improv Show @ Old Town Playhouse

    After all the dinner dates, early partying is done, come on down to the OTP in Traverse City for a bit a comic relief.  The Old Town Playhouse’s Good on Paper improv comedy troupe is the area’s only professional improv troupe and performs a one full hour of completely improvised comedy every other Saturday evening at 11:00pm in the Schmuckal Theater from October - May.
    Good on Paper began as the Old Town Playhouse’s first ever improv comedy troupe and has now earned a distinction as the longest-running show in the Playhouse’s history.  The show is hosted by David Avis and the talented cast for the 2012-2013 season includes Bryan Boettcher, Mike Gauthier, Michael Libby, Heather Strouse, and Stephanie Young.  Each scene in the Good on Paper show begins with on-the-spot audience suggestions while audience members are also encouraged to supply random phrases for the “Can o’ Words” which are then used randomly in various scenes with unexpected results.  No two performances are ever the same! The jokes are fast and furious, the cast is quick and witty, and you’re guaranteed to laugh long and hard!  Come see what all the fuss is about this Saturday, January 19th @ 11:00.  Tickets only $5 and includes free coffee and donuts. 

    Flint's Favorite; Whitey Morgan and the 78s

    BIO - Whitey Morgan and the 78’s are a Honky Tonk band from Flint, Michigan. They haven’t re-invented the wheel, they just picked it up and started it rolling all over again. Emerging from the Detroit area music scene, re-creating a forgotten genre for the area, Whitey Morgan and the 78’s have toured the country spreading their sound and attitude everywhere they go. They play honky tonk tunes in any club in any town without apology—they drive their point home just like their families drove the cars they built on the line home from work. With a purpose.
    In 2009, after the release of their first studio album, the band was awarded three Detroit Music Awards: Best Country Vocal Performance, Best Country Songwriter, Best Country Album.  In 2010, after the release of the self titled album "Whitey Morgan and the 78's", the band was awarded Best Country Recording.
    Your chance to see them in Michigan, before they cruise the country, will be Friday, Jan. 18th @ Unwind in Alger, MI

    Brian Regan Comes to Fox Theatre Detroit

    Comedian Brian Regan will make his Fox Theatre debut on Saturday, January 19 at 8 p.m. Critics and peers agree: Brian Regan has distinguished himself as one of the premier comedians in the country. The perfect balance of sophisticated writing and physicality, Brian fills theaters nationwide with fervent fans that span generations.
    Tickets can be purchased at OlympiaEntertainment.com, the Fox Theatre and Joe Louis Arena box offices, Hockeytown Authentics in Troy (without service charge), at all Ticketmaster locations and Ticketmaster.com. To charge tickets by phone, call (800) 745-3000.

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