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An Evening with Rachael Davis & Dominic John

An Evening with Rachael Davis & Dominic John
Saturday, December 29 at 8:00 p.m.At The Good Work Collective in Old Town Traverse City

Porterhouse Productions - Two of Michigan's best loved musicians come together for an intimate evening of story and song at The Good Work Collective. Rachael Davis has been singing on stage since she was two years old. Born in Lansing, Michigan, Rachael spent almost six years of her life in Chicago before her parents – musicians as well – settled in Cadillac, Michigan, where she was constantly nurtured and encouraged by family, friends, and other respectable musicians. When Rachael was eight she was singing on second stage at Wheatland Music Festival. The Irish singer Maura O'Connell was just backstage. When Rachael walked off stage Maura went up to her, and grasped Rachael's face with both hands and said, "Never stop doing it for the love of it!" Rachael has spent most of her life involved with music in one way or another – whether it was singing with her family-based group Lake Effect, or performing solo with a few friends as special guests. She attended Interlochen Arts Academy in Northern Michigan.

Dominic has also been playing and performing since a young age. Perhaps best known for his amazing bass talent in the band Steppin in It - recently Dominic has been touring the world with Jack White!

Polar Plunge @ Grand Traverse Resort

The annual Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) Polar Plunge series is known for its zany costumes and courageous participants. After raising funds, these participants dress up in costume and prepare to plunge, ready to jump in and freeze their fur for a good cause. Funds can be raised by collecting donations from friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.
Proceeds from these plunges help supports year-round sports training and athletic competition for more than 20,670 children and adults with intellectual disabilities in Michigan.
The series of Polar Plunges is made possible by the Law Enforcement Torch Run, a group of law enforcement officers and corrections department employees throughout the state who are committed to raising funds and awareness for Special Olympics Michigan Athletes.
The Traverse City Polar Plunge will take place on February 9th at Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. Registration will begin at 10:00 a.m. inside the Clubhouse located on the Resort’s property. The parade of costumes will start at 11:00 a.m. and the plunge immediately following the parade. The Awards and Post Plunge Party will begin at noon at the Clubhouse.
Michigan will be having 27 Polar Plunges in 2013. Polar Plunges are a Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) event.  LETR is one of the largest grassroots fundraisers for Special Olympics globally. LETR consists of officers from both Law Enforcement and Corrections who raise funds and create awareness for SOMI year round.
 By participating in a Polar Plunge around the state you are helping to raise funds for over 19,000 athletes who participate in Special Olympics Michigan. Special Olympics Michigan is a year round program offering sports for those with intellectual disabilities. Although sports are the "vehicle," the ultimate goal of Special Olympics is to help persons with intellectual disabilities participate and receive respect as members of their communities.
To get involved visit http://www.firstgiving.com/polarplunge/traversecity2013 and register for the Traverse City Polar Plunge. At your first giving site, you can receive pledge donations for Special Olympics Michigan and keep track of money raised.  (info provided from www.somi.org)

Two Tickets to...Eddie Money?

Sorry, it had to be done.  Admit it, every time you hear the name Eddie Money, you  instantly start signing that song, "Two tickets to paradise".  Believe it or not he actually had several other hits.  This New Years Eve you can check out those hits and win some money while listening to some Money.  Hey that sounds pretty fun doesn't it.  Our friends at Turtle Creek Casino are offering a FREE SHOW on New Years Eve. Just simply show up.  Oh, and check this out!  12 Year Reunion (voted best band in Northern Michigan) will be performing up in Level 3 Lounge. This will be the NYE you'll never forget.  Tuesday, Dec. 31st you'll be 'Shakin', as you think to yourself 'I think I'm in love' and hoping someone will 'Take me home tonight'.  By the way, doesn't that picture look like 'Blue Steel' or some attempt at Zoolander? Ok I'm done.

Echoes Of Pink Floyd

 This Tribute band is by FAR the closest to the real thing there is.  Lasers, smoke, video and the best sound system to offer you actually would think it was the Floyd. We have checked out this band first hand at the Opera House in Traverse City and we highly recommend you go enjoy the sounds at the Michigan Theatre, Jackson, MI .  Here's a glimpse of the band as described in their website. http://www.pinkfloydtributeband.net/

With Pink Floyd absent in the live music scene, five musicians from Michigan have risen to fill the void. They joined forces in 2003 to form Echoes of Pink Floyd, America’s Most Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute. Their devotion to the music of Pink Floyd has resulted in countless hours spent recreating the live experience of the legendary rock band. Echoes of Pink Floyd is not the only group inspired enough to do this kind of tribute project. Far from it! What does set them apart is the amazing detail with which they perform the music. Authentic instrumentation, Guitar tones, drum fills, vocal harmonies, keyboard layers, female backup singers, and impeccably recreated sound effects: all of these are intensely studied and rehearsed in order to bring the listener exactly what they came to hear. Even the most hard core Pink Floyd fanatics are blown away by the meticulous attention to detail! Every time Echoes of Pink Floyd takes the stage, they are contributing to a legacy. This is not a responsibility they take lightly, for they are playing music that has sold (and continues to sell) millions of albums worldwide and inspires multiple generations of music lovers to this very day! Echoes of Pink Floyd will show you why Saturday, January 26th @ Michigan Theatre, Jackson, MI

Blue Effect Hits Petoskey

The Blue Effect is the new sound of piano driven pop rock. Drawing on 60's influence pop rock, kicking keyboards, and sizzling saxophone thrown into their spicy sonic sauce, the Blue Effect has cooked up a sound unlike most mainstream bands. In just a short time, the band has built an enthusiastic fan base, with new fans lining up at every show. Forged in 2007, the band already has a full length album available on iTunes, a testament to their creative zeal and dedicated drive. They've already been a featured artist on Break Thru Radio (highlighting top college bands).  
The Blue Effect has proven themselves at prestigious venues throughout Michigan such as the Crofoot Ballroom and Pike Room, the venerable Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, the Modern Exchange, and St. Andrews Hall, Detroit's hallowed hall of cutting edge music. On recent Midwest tours the band has taken it's stirring sound into the heart of Chicago and Indianapolis. The Blue Effect was honored to be featured performer on the Comcast stage at "Arts, Beats and Eats", Pontiac Michigan's premier music festival.
The Blue Effect has already proven their college-audience appeal with an unforgettable appearance at the Breslin Center at Michigan State University before 1,000 discerning music fans, and then proceeding to storm stages across the MSU campus.  In 2009 The Blue Effect became the winners of the MSU "Battle of the Bands".  Performing this Saturday, Dec. 22 @ City Park Grill & December 31st & January 1st; 2013 @ Bay Mills Resort & Casino

End of the World as we Know it...Maybe.

"That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane 
And Lenny Bruce is not afraid 
Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn 
World serves its own needs, dummy serve your own needs."

I know you all have been singing this song.  You can't get it out of your head.  I don't think R.E.M. really was writing about our projected doomsday but nonetheless, it's a fitting song.  Friday, Dec. 21st, 2012 has been publicized as the End of the World, and yet now, there is some who are backtracking their prediction.  The Doors thought they had it figured out, but they may of just been talking about their short lived success.  Apparently Prince was just too early, but he's always been an eager beaver, or is it he's looking for... never-mind.  Don't worry all the EOTW parties are still on schedule.  Be sure to check out the Events Calendar to see where the party is closest to you.  Petoskey folks can find there "end" @ the Ozone inside the Odawa Casino, Midland peeps can enjoy the "finale" @ Oxygen inside the H Hotel, while others in Grand Rapids can enjoy the "disaster" @ UICA Lower Level.  All survivors can check out the celebration @ Union St. Station where you'll find The Loren Gardner Band kickin' out the sounds of joy...and rock.  Whatever happens, remember this...Life is just a party, and parties aren't meant to last. 

Vince Neil w/ Queensryche, Great White, and Slaughter

Do you sleep through the 80s? Well WAKE UP cuz this is a show you do not want to miss.  I'm sure these musicians probably would like to to put the 80s stigma to rest, even thou it's the time frame when we fell in love with them.  So check this out, you have been given another chance to relive the good ol' days.  Days when hair was flowing, actually...when hair was there and good music filled the air.  Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Queensryche, Great White and Slaughter!  Are you kidding me?  I must be dreaming.  You may feel it's the end of the world on Friday, I mean, how could it get any better then this?  See the boys play Friday, December 21st at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI and don't be afraid to tease that hair a bit. Rock it!

Open Mic Night With Dave Weber

Perhaps you've seen a long haired, long bearded bassist rockin' around town.  Chances are you have seen him and said to yourself, "Man that dude can play!  How does he keep his hair out of the way."  If you have, it's alright, lots of people talk to themselves.  But the fact you sound like a surfer or rocker yourself makes it more interesting.  So before I get too far off track let's just chat about the reason for this post.  Dave Weber is one of the most talented and versatile bass player in our area.  Playing with Alter Ego and Commonfaced, two local favorites, and Sarkasm, his newest project, has set the stage for his newest project at Kilkenny's in Traverse City.  Every Wednesday Night Dave hosts an Open Mic, where all veterans, up and comers & all wannabes can play and show off their talents. Just a good night for some great music.  If you looking for some Kenny G or John Tesh style, then save your time.  You might as well take a nap at home on Wednesday if that's what you're looking for.
Come check out Dave & all the talents that fill the air with sounds of re-verb  bass & thumps at Kilkenny's Irish Pub every Wednesday for open mic. \m/ (>.<) \m/

A Christmas Cabaret @ City Opera House

COH - A holiday show unlike any other! Imagine getting snowed at City Opera House with your friends and a cast ready to entertain! A Christmas Cabaret is a lively performance showcasing Broadway talent, an onstage band, high–energy dancers, and special local celebrity guests. Join meteorologist, Mark Watkins, as he guides you through a fictitious evening waiting out the largest wintery snow storm in years. Award-winning director Greg Ganakas has created a one of a kind production with musical arrangements by Jersey Boys conductor Keith Thompson. The evening’s music including Christmas favorites, jazz, pop, Broadway and cabaret tunes.. If that is not enough to get you in the Christmas spirit, there will be a festive sing-a-long too.

Ganakas brings with him renowned Broadway performers including Nicolette Hart ( Million Dollar Quartet, RENT, Legally Blonde and The Wedding Singer); Stephen Carrasco (Ghost, Billy Elliot, White Christmas); Dwayne Clark (Spiderman Turn off the Dark, In the Heights, Tarzan, Urinetown, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Rent); Janeece Freeman Clark (“Dittydoodle Works”, Urinetown the Musical); David Josefberg (The Wedding Singer, Grease, Les Miserables); Elizabeth Stacey (Grease, All Shook Up).

Special guest appearances by Mario Batalli (The Chew), Denise Busley (Grand Traverse Pie Company), Lupe Izzo, and Doug Stanton (National Writers Series).
Cabaret seating: Patrons can choose from for the full cabaret experience with cabaret table seating with hosted bar service (orchestra level) or theater seating in the balcony.
Join us for a cabaret evening celebrating the holidays with Grand Traverse spirit!  Dec. 18 & 19
Age rating: Some content may not be appropriate for all ages.
Special notes: Due to scheduling issues for the actors traveling we have canceled the Dec 20th performance of Christmas Cabaret. We can offer to move you to one of the other performances or process a full refund. Please call the box office with any questions at 231-941-8082.
Special pricing: Cabaret seating and bar service included in Tier 1, $48 ticket.
Student tickets: Student tickets only $15!

DJs on The Rise, But is it a Dying Bread?

The music scene in Northern Michigan , along with some lower Michigan venues seem to be ever changing.  DJs are popping up all over the place.  Some are bringing new techniques while others bring the old school sound around to keep 'older' clubbers like me coming back. Let's take Traverse City for example, a town that is very limited when it comes to dance clubs.  However, there is an abundance of spinning talent around here, and all seem to be very busy "keeping it real".  Here at NorthernSpin.com, we like to think we are big supporters of the vinyl scene and we would encourage everyone to take another look into the underground world of DeeJaying.  From Weddings to Nightclubs these spinners has been entertaining us through the decades, trying to play your requests, keep you dancing and listen to your sob stories of why they should play this song (that no one else wants to hear).  There's more to this career than one cares to know.  So let's do this,  NorthernSpin has put a DJ Review page together and wants you to post your comments, experience, frustration, and of course HAPPY MOMENTS with any and all the DJs out there.  Let's show these folks some love.

Get Your Groove on With The Outer Vibe

A vibe like no other.

Building on Michigan’s storied rock and pop legacy, The Outer Vibe has long pushed the envelope for live 
performances with its ultra-animated stagecraft, audience-involving antics, infectious beats and never-ending supply of resplendent stagewear.
But behind the flash and flamboyance of one of West Michigan’s most sought-after live acts, there’s a serious, experienced po 
p project that goes where few bands have gone before.

Between them, the five band members – Nick Hosford, Lisa Kacos, Sean Zee, Andrew Dornoff and Jeff Brems – boast eight college degrees. The teen Rock Camps they established in 2009 have exploded in popularity, with budding young musicians from Detroit to the Lake Michigan shoreline lining up to soak up the group’s advice on showmanship, teamwork and marketing.
This is a band that built its own cutting-edge recording studio north of Grand Rapids just so it could further polish catchy pop and alternative rock songs which echo influences as far-ranging as Maroon 5 and Muse to Queen and Led Zeppelin.
It’s a road-tested band with rare business acumen that plays more than 100 shows a year, sharing stages along the way with the likes of The Tubes, We The Kings, REO Speedwagon, Local H, Electric Six and more. It’s a band that boasts a walk-in wardrobe full of colorful stage attire and a trailer packed with duplicate sound gear that mirrors the equipment in its state-of-the-art studio/rehearsal space.
It’s a band that eats, sleeps and breathes its musical mission, with group members even embarking on cross-country motorcycle trips together as the White Lightning Motorcycle Club – an alter-ego family affair that pays tribute to Hosford’s late father, “Wild Bill” Hosford.
More than anything, it’s a band that never stops exploring and expanding the boundaries of its own pop music. The Outer Vibe’s three independently released albums (2003’s “Pretty Good,” 2006’s “Games We Play” and 2009’s “Monster EP”) have earned regional acclaim, growing radio airplay, a burgeoning fan base and a street team numbering 1,500-plus in eight states and five countries.
The band's latest studio album, “Hoka Hey,” flaunts an even bolder blend of pop-infused alternative rock – unafraid of horns, vocoders, electronic drums … whatever each song demands and whatever keeps The Outer Vibe in that rarified air occupied by dynamic, hard-working artists with something refreshing to say.
The album title appropriately borrows from a Native American adage that means “it’s a beautiful day to die.” Because for this band, it’s all about attitude: Live life and play music fearlessly, to the fullest, as if today’s your last.
Meet The Outer Vibe: Quite literally a band like no other.
- John Sinkevics, Spins on Music
Your chances to see them: Dec. 14th & 15th @ Grove Lounge, Little River Casino, Manistee & 
Dec. 26th & 27th @ Chrystal Mountain Resort, Thompsonville

Make Kilkenny's Your Stop This Weekend With The LPB

If you haven't had the pleasure of checking these cats out yet, then be sure to set aside some time this weekend in Traverse City and treat yourself to a evening filled with the soulful sounds of the LPB.
THE LUCAS PAUL BAND combines the sounds of contemporary musicians with the older styles of artists such as Billy Joel and the Beatles. Catch them at live music spots like the Ann Arbor Summer Fest and beyond. THE LUCAS PAUL BAND is also available for private venues. The LPB has finally finished the record they have spent two years working on. The album "Hello Again" shows the versatility and raw talent of this young group of musicians.  Come check them out this weekend, December 14th & 15th at Kilkenny's Irish Pub, Traverse City

Brett Mitchell Kicks it up a Level

Midland can certainly kick out some incredible talent and when it comes to music, Brett Mitchell stands above the rest.  Brett has been writing, composing and singing his own songs for quite awhile now and never ceases to amaze. Even though the band appears to be the "GIANT Ghost" in the picture, they are a very big part of what brings Brett's songwriting to life.
Here's a little ditty from a small town paper: Brett Mitchell, the Midland-based singer-songwriter recently released his "Small House" album, chock full of solidly written, expertly produced tunes that span rock, pop and folk. I look at him as kind of a rootsy version of Marshall Crenshaw, a lot of pop hooks and very well written, very well produced stuff ...great witty lyrics, by the way, on the clever opening track, Born Too Late, definitely worth the listen. New Disease, as well as Last Chance, (are) two really good songs, very different and at the same time New Disease has a nice rock feel to it, kind of a love song, in a way...he's definitely an up and comer!...I've described Brett Mitchell as one of Michigan's most promising singer-songwriters, a sincere, 28-year-old guy who adroitly incorporates pop and rock elements from the past into impressive, rootsy, catchy, sometimes folksy songs. The lead track from his latest album, "Small House," is appropriately dubbed "Born Too Late," which sort of sums up his musical approach." -John Sinkevics, The Grand Rapids Press.
Come check out Brett and the GIANT Ghost Saturday, Dec. 15th @ Level 3 Lounge, inside the Turtle Creek Casino. PEACE!

A Christmas Carol in Prose

A CHRISTMAS CAROL IN PROSE-Adapted from the Dickens by Magic Mouth Theatre
Parallel 45’s second 2012 production, A Christmas Carol in Prose, will be a co-production with Chicago’s Magic Mouth Productions.  Adapted from the Dickens classic by Magic Mouth co-founders Ben Whiting and Matthew Gutschick, A Christmas Carol in Prose utilizes only three actors, a trunk, and a few props. Carol combines traditional storytelling with Magic Mouth’s signature illusion element to uncover the stunning original text of this wildly popular holiday story, the beauty of which has been all but lost in the past 150 years of adaptations.
December 13 at 7pm 

Elk Rapids Township Hall, 401
River Street, Elk Rapids, MI

December 14 and 15 at 7pm

Inside Out Gallery
229 Garland Street, Traverse City, MI

Ron Getz: A Traverse City Treasure

For those of you who know and have enjoyed Ron's talents understand what I mean about a 'Traverse City Treasure'.  The smooth, soulful sound of Ron has been echoing the halls of so many venues for several years. Ron performs just about every night in some dimly lit cocktail lounge or in a concert hall with hundreds of his closest friends. Mr. Getz spends his spare time teaching lessons to those who dream of someday being as talented as Ron.  If you haven't heard Ron Getz play before, you're in luck.  Ron plays Monday @ 7 Monks accompanied with another local Northern Michigan treasure, Mike Moran.  Don't fret, if you miss this siting you can caught him at Union St. Station on the 7th, Poppycocks on the 8th and Om Cafe on Sunday, the 9th. (Busy guy.)  Hey do us a favor, when you run into Ron tell him NorthernSpin said hi. \m/

The Bands: You Should Recognize

Do you have a favorite band in your hometown?  Do you find yourself telling others about this band you saw last night?  They rocked the house, everyone was movin' & groovin' and from what your friends tell ya , you have a awesome time.  NorthernSpin feels the same way and we believe local artists should be recognized for the talents.  We started a list of bands that deserve mentioning, a list consisting of contact info, listener reviews and sometimes a complete bio with links to their website.  We encourage everyone who appreciates a good time to post your comments, your thoughts, or even suggestions about a band you experienced.  Please be patient as we continue to build our list, but be sure to check it out frequently.  You can click on the  page above marked [Band Reviews], clever, eh?  We hope you find it fun, entertaining and useful. Rock on! \m/ (>.<) \m/

Restaurants: Where Would You Suggest?

It seems like I spend a lot of time in restaurants critiquing the food, service and atmosphere. I have been in and out of the business for over 22 years, serving, managing, training and enjoying.  I tell you this not to sound pompous but to set up the reason for this post.  I'm always curious if others see the same things I do when making that trip into the world of dining.  So we are building up our database of restaurants and bars with useful info and reviews posted by YOU.  Share your experience.  Share your thoughts.  Share your frustrations and your good times.  Whatever you choose to put down, just be honest and please keep vulgarity off the table.  Check it out! I think you'll find it to be fun, helpful and interesting.  To satisfy your thirst for knowledge, simply click on the tab above [Restaurant Reviews] to take a look.  Cheers!

InsideOut Gallery Welcomes Bronze Radio Return

Ok, well I don't know anything about these guys, what they play or how they sound.  I don't know how long they been together or if they even like each other.  What I do know is I was invited to go see them this Friday at the InsideOut Gallery in Traverse City and there are two things I know about this;  the person who invited me has excellent taste in music and incredible ear talent, and the venue hosting this event has never let me down when presenting a soundful music show.  So, I guess I say "GO!"  Go to the show, enjoy, and don't allow yourself the opportunity to regret the fact you didn't check it out.
Here's what their facebook page had to say:
The roots of this travelogue-time capsule -- and the band that made it -- can be traced back to lead singer and guitarist Chris Henderson’s childhood. Spending hours on end in his father’s art studio, one of Henderson’s clearest, dearest memories is the large bronze radio, and the joyful noises he learned of there. “When the band started, we were looking for our direction, to see what this was going to be,” explains Henderson. “We came back to this idea of the return of the bronze radio, a return to some of those older, familiar sounds that all of us inherently grew up with.” The result is a forward-thinking retrospective of the sounds we all love, curated and created by Henderson, Rob Griffith (drums/vocals), Bob Tanen (bass/vocals), Matt Warner (keys, vocals), Craig Struble (harmonica/guitar), and Patrick Fetkowitz (guitar).
This Friday, December 7th, 2012 @ InsideOut Gallery, Traverse City, MI | 9:00PM

There's Some Funny Business Going on at Mt. Holiday

1'st Annual Mt Holiday Comedy Fundraiser. Open Microphone and Comedy Competition & Fundraiser benefiting the Mt Holiday Maintenance Department! 

For anyone who has wanted to try stand up comedy here's your chance! We have two categories: Open Mic Freestyle and The Biggest Tool of the Hill Comedy Competition. Registration is $10 due the day of the event (Friday Dec 7th) for either. For 

Open Mic you'll get up to five minutes maximum time to try stand up comedy. For the Biggest Tool of the Hill Comedy Competition the format will be as follows:
Opening Round - Up to 5 minutes
Semi-Finals - Up to 5 minutes
Biggest Tool Winner - Up to 7 minutes 

We have already collected some fabulous prizes to give away, but we are looking for cash, checks, and 'big box store' gift cards so our hardworking maintenance department can keep the ski hill running smoothly into the future. All proceeds benefit the Mt Holiday Maintenance Department. All donations are tax deductible as Mt Holiday is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Even if you don't want to participate in comedy please come out and support this event! It will be a night of comedy, fundraising, and shenanigans! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Questions, comedy registration, donation information please contact Norm Bowbeer at MtHComedy@gmail.com. Thank you!

The Hipakritz Rock Big D's in Midland

Michigan based band "The Hipakritz" have been packing clubs and dance floors for over 15 years. Featuring 5 members with over 80 years of combined performance experience, The Hipakritz aim to keep the dance floor packed and the drinks flowing! Featuring songs from the 60's to today's hottest music, The Hipakritz guarantee Nothin' But A Good Time!
Be sure to check them out Friday, December 14 @ Big D's Bar & Grill in Midland.  It would be a shame if you missed them, but don't worry they  will be back on Saturday, December 15th.

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