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An Evening with Rachael Davis & Dominic John

An Evening with Rachael Davis & Dominic John
Saturday, December 29 at 8:00 p.m.At The Good Work Collective in Old Town Traverse City

Porterhouse Productions - Two of Michigan's best loved musicians come together for an intimate evening of story and song at The Good Work Collective. Rachael Davis has been singing on stage since she was two years old. Born in Lansing, Michigan, Rachael spent almost six years of her life in Chicago before her parents – musicians as well – settled in Cadillac, Michigan, where she was constantly nurtured and encouraged by family, friends, and other respectable musicians. When Rachael was eight she was singing on second stage at Wheatland Music Festival. The Irish singer Maura O'Connell was just backstage. When Rachael walked off stage Maura went up to her, and grasped Rachael's face with both hands and said, "Never stop doing it for the love of it!" Rachael has spent most of her life involved with music in one way or another – whether it was singing with her family-based group Lake Effect, or performing solo with a few friends as special guests. She attended Interlochen Arts Academy in Northern Michigan.

Dominic has also been playing and performing since a young age. Perhaps best known for his amazing bass talent in the band Steppin in It - recently Dominic has been touring the world with Jack White!

Polar Plunge @ Grand Traverse Resort

The annual Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) Polar Plunge series is known for its zany costumes and courageous participants. After raising funds, these participants dress up in costume and prepare to plunge, ready to jump in and freeze their fur for a good cause. Funds can be raised by collecting donations from friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.
Proceeds from these plunges help supports year-round sports training and athletic competition for more than 20,670 children and adults with intellectual disabilities in Michigan.
The series of Polar Plunges is made possible by the Law Enforcement Torch Run, a group of law enforcement officers and corrections department employees throughout the state who are committed to raising funds and awareness for Special Olympics Michigan Athletes.
The Traverse City Polar Plunge will take place on February 9th at Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. Registration will begin at 10:00 a.m. inside the Clubhouse located on the Resort’s property. The parade of costumes will start at 11:00 a.m. and the plunge immediately following the parade. The Awards and Post Plunge Party will begin at noon at the Clubhouse.
Michigan will be having 27 Polar Plunges in 2013. Polar Plunges are a Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) event.  LETR is one of the largest grassroots fundraisers for Special Olympics globally. LETR consists of officers from both Law Enforcement and Corrections who raise funds and create awareness for SOMI year round.
 By participating in a Polar Plunge around the state you are helping to raise funds for over 19,000 athletes who participate in Special Olympics Michigan. Special Olympics Michigan is a year round program offering sports for those with intellectual disabilities. Although sports are the "vehicle," the ultimate goal of Special Olympics is to help persons with intellectual disabilities participate and receive respect as members of their communities.
To get involved visit http://www.firstgiving.com/polarplunge/traversecity2013 and register for the Traverse City Polar Plunge. At your first giving site, you can receive pledge donations for Special Olympics Michigan and keep track of money raised.  (info provided from www.somi.org)

Two Tickets to...Eddie Money?

Sorry, it had to be done.  Admit it, every time you hear the name Eddie Money, you  instantly start signing that song, "Two tickets to paradise".  Believe it or not he actually had several other hits.  This New Years Eve you can check out those hits and win some money while listening to some Money.  Hey that sounds pretty fun doesn't it.  Our friends at Turtle Creek Casino are offering a FREE SHOW on New Years Eve. Just simply show up.  Oh, and check this out!  12 Year Reunion (voted best band in Northern Michigan) will be performing up in Level 3 Lounge. This will be the NYE you'll never forget.  Tuesday, Dec. 31st you'll be 'Shakin', as you think to yourself 'I think I'm in love' and hoping someone will 'Take me home tonight'.  By the way, doesn't that picture look like 'Blue Steel' or some attempt at Zoolander? Ok I'm done.

Echoes Of Pink Floyd

 This Tribute band is by FAR the closest to the real thing there is.  Lasers, smoke, video and the best sound system to offer you actually would think it was the Floyd. We have checked out this band first hand at the Opera House in Traverse City and we highly recommend you go enjoy the sounds at the Michigan Theatre, Jackson, MI .  Here's a glimpse of the band as described in their website. http://www.pinkfloydtributeband.net/

With Pink Floyd absent in the live music scene, five musicians from Michigan have risen to fill the void. They joined forces in 2003 to form Echoes of Pink Floyd, America’s Most Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute. Their devotion to the music of Pink Floyd has resulted in countless hours spent recreating the live experience of the legendary rock band. Echoes of Pink Floyd is not the only group inspired enough to do this kind of tribute project. Far from it! What does set them apart is the amazing detail with which they perform the music. Authentic instrumentation, Guitar tones, drum fills, vocal harmonies, keyboard layers, female backup singers, and impeccably recreated sound effects: all of these are intensely studied and rehearsed in order to bring the listener exactly what they came to hear. Even the most hard core Pink Floyd fanatics are blown away by the meticulous attention to detail! Every time Echoes of Pink Floyd takes the stage, they are contributing to a legacy. This is not a responsibility they take lightly, for they are playing music that has sold (and continues to sell) millions of albums worldwide and inspires multiple generations of music lovers to this very day! Echoes of Pink Floyd will show you why Saturday, January 26th @ Michigan Theatre, Jackson, MI

Blue Effect Hits Petoskey

The Blue Effect is the new sound of piano driven pop rock. Drawing on 60's influence pop rock, kicking keyboards, and sizzling saxophone thrown into their spicy sonic sauce, the Blue Effect has cooked up a sound unlike most mainstream bands. In just a short time, the band has built an enthusiastic fan base, with new fans lining up at every show. Forged in 2007, the band already has a full length album available on iTunes, a testament to their creative zeal and dedicated drive. They've already been a featured artist on Break Thru Radio (highlighting top college bands).  
The Blue Effect has proven themselves at prestigious venues throughout Michigan such as the Crofoot Ballroom and Pike Room, the venerable Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, the Modern Exchange, and St. Andrews Hall, Detroit's hallowed hall of cutting edge music. On recent Midwest tours the band has taken it's stirring sound into the heart of Chicago and Indianapolis. The Blue Effect was honored to be featured performer on the Comcast stage at "Arts, Beats and Eats", Pontiac Michigan's premier music festival.
The Blue Effect has already proven their college-audience appeal with an unforgettable appearance at the Breslin Center at Michigan State University before 1,000 discerning music fans, and then proceeding to storm stages across the MSU campus.  In 2009 The Blue Effect became the winners of the MSU "Battle of the Bands".  Performing this Saturday, Dec. 22 @ City Park Grill & December 31st & January 1st; 2013 @ Bay Mills Resort & Casino

End of the World as we Know it...Maybe.

"That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane 
And Lenny Bruce is not afraid 
Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn 
World serves its own needs, dummy serve your own needs."

I know you all have been singing this song.  You can't get it out of your head.  I don't think R.E.M. really was writing about our projected doomsday but nonetheless, it's a fitting song.  Friday, Dec. 21st, 2012 has been publicized as the End of the World, and yet now, there is some who are backtracking their prediction.  The Doors thought they had it figured out, but they may of just been talking about their short lived success.  Apparently Prince was just too early, but he's always been an eager beaver, or is it he's looking for... never-mind.  Don't worry all the EOTW parties are still on schedule.  Be sure to check out the Events Calendar to see where the party is closest to you.  Petoskey folks can find there "end" @ the Ozone inside the Odawa Casino, Midland peeps can enjoy the "finale" @ Oxygen inside the H Hotel, while others in Grand Rapids can enjoy the "disaster" @ UICA Lower Level.  All survivors can check out the celebration @ Union St. Station where you'll find The Loren Gardner Band kickin' out the sounds of joy...and rock.  Whatever happens, remember this...Life is just a party, and parties aren't meant to last. 

Vince Neil w/ Queensryche, Great White, and Slaughter

Do you sleep through the 80s? Well WAKE UP cuz this is a show you do not want to miss.  I'm sure these musicians probably would like to to put the 80s stigma to rest, even thou it's the time frame when we fell in love with them.  So check this out, you have been given another chance to relive the good ol' days.  Days when hair was flowing, actually...when hair was there and good music filled the air.  Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Queensryche, Great White and Slaughter!  Are you kidding me?  I must be dreaming.  You may feel it's the end of the world on Friday, I mean, how could it get any better then this?  See the boys play Friday, December 21st at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI and don't be afraid to tease that hair a bit. Rock it!

Open Mic Night With Dave Weber

Perhaps you've seen a long haired, long bearded bassist rockin' around town.  Chances are you have seen him and said to yourself, "Man that dude can play!  How does he keep his hair out of the way."  If you have, it's alright, lots of people talk to themselves.  But the fact you sound like a surfer or rocker yourself makes it more interesting.  So before I get too far off track let's just chat about the reason for this post.  Dave Weber is one of the most talented and versatile bass player in our area.  Playing with Alter Ego and Commonfaced, two local favorites, and Sarkasm, his newest project, has set the stage for his newest project at Kilkenny's in Traverse City.  Every Wednesday Night Dave hosts an Open Mic, where all veterans, up and comers & all wannabes can play and show off their talents. Just a good night for some great music.  If you looking for some Kenny G or John Tesh style, then save your time.  You might as well take a nap at home on Wednesday if that's what you're looking for.
Come check out Dave & all the talents that fill the air with sounds of re-verb  bass & thumps at Kilkenny's Irish Pub every Wednesday for open mic. \m/ (>.<) \m/

A Christmas Cabaret @ City Opera House

COH - A holiday show unlike any other! Imagine getting snowed at City Opera House with your friends and a cast ready to entertain! A Christmas Cabaret is a lively performance showcasing Broadway talent, an onstage band, high–energy dancers, and special local celebrity guests. Join meteorologist, Mark Watkins, as he guides you through a fictitious evening waiting out the largest wintery snow storm in years. Award-winning director Greg Ganakas has created a one of a kind production with musical arrangements by Jersey Boys conductor Keith Thompson. The evening’s music including Christmas favorites, jazz, pop, Broadway and cabaret tunes.. If that is not enough to get you in the Christmas spirit, there will be a festive sing-a-long too.

Ganakas brings with him renowned Broadway performers including Nicolette Hart ( Million Dollar Quartet, RENT, Legally Blonde and The Wedding Singer); Stephen Carrasco (Ghost, Billy Elliot, White Christmas); Dwayne Clark (Spiderman Turn off the Dark, In the Heights, Tarzan, Urinetown, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Rent); Janeece Freeman Clark (“Dittydoodle Works”, Urinetown the Musical); David Josefberg (The Wedding Singer, Grease, Les Miserables); Elizabeth Stacey (Grease, All Shook Up).

Special guest appearances by Mario Batalli (The Chew), Denise Busley (Grand Traverse Pie Company), Lupe Izzo, and Doug Stanton (National Writers Series).
Cabaret seating: Patrons can choose from for the full cabaret experience with cabaret table seating with hosted bar service (orchestra level) or theater seating in the balcony.
Join us for a cabaret evening celebrating the holidays with Grand Traverse spirit!  Dec. 18 & 19
Age rating: Some content may not be appropriate for all ages.
Special notes: Due to scheduling issues for the actors traveling we have canceled the Dec 20th performance of Christmas Cabaret. We can offer to move you to one of the other performances or process a full refund. Please call the box office with any questions at 231-941-8082.
Special pricing: Cabaret seating and bar service included in Tier 1, $48 ticket.
Student tickets: Student tickets only $15!

DJs on The Rise, But is it a Dying Bread?

The music scene in Northern Michigan , along with some lower Michigan venues seem to be ever changing.  DJs are popping up all over the place.  Some are bringing new techniques while others bring the old school sound around to keep 'older' clubbers like me coming back. Let's take Traverse City for example, a town that is very limited when it comes to dance clubs.  However, there is an abundance of spinning talent around here, and all seem to be very busy "keeping it real".  Here at NorthernSpin.com, we like to think we are big supporters of the vinyl scene and we would encourage everyone to take another look into the underground world of DeeJaying.  From Weddings to Nightclubs these spinners has been entertaining us through the decades, trying to play your requests, keep you dancing and listen to your sob stories of why they should play this song (that no one else wants to hear).  There's more to this career than one cares to know.  So let's do this,  NorthernSpin has put a DJ Review page together and wants you to post your comments, experience, frustration, and of course HAPPY MOMENTS with any and all the DJs out there.  Let's show these folks some love.

Get Your Groove on With The Outer Vibe

A vibe like no other.

Building on Michigan’s storied rock and pop legacy, The Outer Vibe has long pushed the envelope for live 
performances with its ultra-animated stagecraft, audience-involving antics, infectious beats and never-ending supply of resplendent stagewear.
But behind the flash and flamboyance of one of West Michigan’s most sought-after live acts, there’s a serious, experienced po 
p project that goes where few bands have gone before.

Between them, the five band members – Nick Hosford, Lisa Kacos, Sean Zee, Andrew Dornoff and Jeff Brems – boast eight college degrees. The teen Rock Camps they established in 2009 have exploded in popularity, with budding young musicians from Detroit to the Lake Michigan shoreline lining up to soak up the group’s advice on showmanship, teamwork and marketing.
This is a band that built its own cutting-edge recording studio north of Grand Rapids just so it could further polish catchy pop and alternative rock songs which echo influences as far-ranging as Maroon 5 and Muse to Queen and Led Zeppelin.
It’s a road-tested band with rare business acumen that plays more than 100 shows a year, sharing stages along the way with the likes of The Tubes, We The Kings, REO Speedwagon, Local H, Electric Six and more. It’s a band that boasts a walk-in wardrobe full of colorful stage attire and a trailer packed with duplicate sound gear that mirrors the equipment in its state-of-the-art studio/rehearsal space.
It’s a band that eats, sleeps and breathes its musical mission, with group members even embarking on cross-country motorcycle trips together as the White Lightning Motorcycle Club – an alter-ego family affair that pays tribute to Hosford’s late father, “Wild Bill” Hosford.
More than anything, it’s a band that never stops exploring and expanding the boundaries of its own pop music. The Outer Vibe’s three independently released albums (2003’s “Pretty Good,” 2006’s “Games We Play” and 2009’s “Monster EP”) have earned regional acclaim, growing radio airplay, a burgeoning fan base and a street team numbering 1,500-plus in eight states and five countries.
The band's latest studio album, “Hoka Hey,” flaunts an even bolder blend of pop-infused alternative rock – unafraid of horns, vocoders, electronic drums … whatever each song demands and whatever keeps The Outer Vibe in that rarified air occupied by dynamic, hard-working artists with something refreshing to say.
The album title appropriately borrows from a Native American adage that means “it’s a beautiful day to die.” Because for this band, it’s all about attitude: Live life and play music fearlessly, to the fullest, as if today’s your last.
Meet The Outer Vibe: Quite literally a band like no other.
- John Sinkevics, Spins on Music
Your chances to see them: Dec. 14th & 15th @ Grove Lounge, Little River Casino, Manistee & 
Dec. 26th & 27th @ Chrystal Mountain Resort, Thompsonville

Make Kilkenny's Your Stop This Weekend With The LPB

If you haven't had the pleasure of checking these cats out yet, then be sure to set aside some time this weekend in Traverse City and treat yourself to a evening filled with the soulful sounds of the LPB.
THE LUCAS PAUL BAND combines the sounds of contemporary musicians with the older styles of artists such as Billy Joel and the Beatles. Catch them at live music spots like the Ann Arbor Summer Fest and beyond. THE LUCAS PAUL BAND is also available for private venues. The LPB has finally finished the record they have spent two years working on. The album "Hello Again" shows the versatility and raw talent of this young group of musicians.  Come check them out this weekend, December 14th & 15th at Kilkenny's Irish Pub, Traverse City

Brett Mitchell Kicks it up a Level

Midland can certainly kick out some incredible talent and when it comes to music, Brett Mitchell stands above the rest.  Brett has been writing, composing and singing his own songs for quite awhile now and never ceases to amaze. Even though the band appears to be the "GIANT Ghost" in the picture, they are a very big part of what brings Brett's songwriting to life.
Here's a little ditty from a small town paper: Brett Mitchell, the Midland-based singer-songwriter recently released his "Small House" album, chock full of solidly written, expertly produced tunes that span rock, pop and folk. I look at him as kind of a rootsy version of Marshall Crenshaw, a lot of pop hooks and very well written, very well produced stuff ...great witty lyrics, by the way, on the clever opening track, Born Too Late, definitely worth the listen. New Disease, as well as Last Chance, (are) two really good songs, very different and at the same time New Disease has a nice rock feel to it, kind of a love song, in a way...he's definitely an up and comer!...I've described Brett Mitchell as one of Michigan's most promising singer-songwriters, a sincere, 28-year-old guy who adroitly incorporates pop and rock elements from the past into impressive, rootsy, catchy, sometimes folksy songs. The lead track from his latest album, "Small House," is appropriately dubbed "Born Too Late," which sort of sums up his musical approach." -John Sinkevics, The Grand Rapids Press.
Come check out Brett and the GIANT Ghost Saturday, Dec. 15th @ Level 3 Lounge, inside the Turtle Creek Casino. PEACE!

A Christmas Carol in Prose

A CHRISTMAS CAROL IN PROSE-Adapted from the Dickens by Magic Mouth Theatre
Parallel 45’s second 2012 production, A Christmas Carol in Prose, will be a co-production with Chicago’s Magic Mouth Productions.  Adapted from the Dickens classic by Magic Mouth co-founders Ben Whiting and Matthew Gutschick, A Christmas Carol in Prose utilizes only three actors, a trunk, and a few props. Carol combines traditional storytelling with Magic Mouth’s signature illusion element to uncover the stunning original text of this wildly popular holiday story, the beauty of which has been all but lost in the past 150 years of adaptations.
December 13 at 7pm 

Elk Rapids Township Hall, 401
River Street, Elk Rapids, MI

December 14 and 15 at 7pm

Inside Out Gallery
229 Garland Street, Traverse City, MI

Ron Getz: A Traverse City Treasure

For those of you who know and have enjoyed Ron's talents understand what I mean about a 'Traverse City Treasure'.  The smooth, soulful sound of Ron has been echoing the halls of so many venues for several years. Ron performs just about every night in some dimly lit cocktail lounge or in a concert hall with hundreds of his closest friends. Mr. Getz spends his spare time teaching lessons to those who dream of someday being as talented as Ron.  If you haven't heard Ron Getz play before, you're in luck.  Ron plays Monday @ 7 Monks accompanied with another local Northern Michigan treasure, Mike Moran.  Don't fret, if you miss this siting you can caught him at Union St. Station on the 7th, Poppycocks on the 8th and Om Cafe on Sunday, the 9th. (Busy guy.)  Hey do us a favor, when you run into Ron tell him NorthernSpin said hi. \m/

The Bands: You Should Recognize

Do you have a favorite band in your hometown?  Do you find yourself telling others about this band you saw last night?  They rocked the house, everyone was movin' & groovin' and from what your friends tell ya , you have a awesome time.  NorthernSpin feels the same way and we believe local artists should be recognized for the talents.  We started a list of bands that deserve mentioning, a list consisting of contact info, listener reviews and sometimes a complete bio with links to their website.  We encourage everyone who appreciates a good time to post your comments, your thoughts, or even suggestions about a band you experienced.  Please be patient as we continue to build our list, but be sure to check it out frequently.  You can click on the  page above marked [Band Reviews], clever, eh?  We hope you find it fun, entertaining and useful. Rock on! \m/ (>.<) \m/

Restaurants: Where Would You Suggest?

It seems like I spend a lot of time in restaurants critiquing the food, service and atmosphere. I have been in and out of the business for over 22 years, serving, managing, training and enjoying.  I tell you this not to sound pompous but to set up the reason for this post.  I'm always curious if others see the same things I do when making that trip into the world of dining.  So we are building up our database of restaurants and bars with useful info and reviews posted by YOU.  Share your experience.  Share your thoughts.  Share your frustrations and your good times.  Whatever you choose to put down, just be honest and please keep vulgarity off the table.  Check it out! I think you'll find it to be fun, helpful and interesting.  To satisfy your thirst for knowledge, simply click on the tab above [Restaurant Reviews] to take a look.  Cheers!

InsideOut Gallery Welcomes Bronze Radio Return

Ok, well I don't know anything about these guys, what they play or how they sound.  I don't know how long they been together or if they even like each other.  What I do know is I was invited to go see them this Friday at the InsideOut Gallery in Traverse City and there are two things I know about this;  the person who invited me has excellent taste in music and incredible ear talent, and the venue hosting this event has never let me down when presenting a soundful music show.  So, I guess I say "GO!"  Go to the show, enjoy, and don't allow yourself the opportunity to regret the fact you didn't check it out.
Here's what their facebook page had to say:
The roots of this travelogue-time capsule -- and the band that made it -- can be traced back to lead singer and guitarist Chris Henderson’s childhood. Spending hours on end in his father’s art studio, one of Henderson’s clearest, dearest memories is the large bronze radio, and the joyful noises he learned of there. “When the band started, we were looking for our direction, to see what this was going to be,” explains Henderson. “We came back to this idea of the return of the bronze radio, a return to some of those older, familiar sounds that all of us inherently grew up with.” The result is a forward-thinking retrospective of the sounds we all love, curated and created by Henderson, Rob Griffith (drums/vocals), Bob Tanen (bass/vocals), Matt Warner (keys, vocals), Craig Struble (harmonica/guitar), and Patrick Fetkowitz (guitar).
This Friday, December 7th, 2012 @ InsideOut Gallery, Traverse City, MI | 9:00PM

There's Some Funny Business Going on at Mt. Holiday

1'st Annual Mt Holiday Comedy Fundraiser. Open Microphone and Comedy Competition & Fundraiser benefiting the Mt Holiday Maintenance Department! 

For anyone who has wanted to try stand up comedy here's your chance! We have two categories: Open Mic Freestyle and The Biggest Tool of the Hill Comedy Competition. Registration is $10 due the day of the event (Friday Dec 7th) for either. For 

Open Mic you'll get up to five minutes maximum time to try stand up comedy. For the Biggest Tool of the Hill Comedy Competition the format will be as follows:
Opening Round - Up to 5 minutes
Semi-Finals - Up to 5 minutes
Biggest Tool Winner - Up to 7 minutes 

We have already collected some fabulous prizes to give away, but we are looking for cash, checks, and 'big box store' gift cards so our hardworking maintenance department can keep the ski hill running smoothly into the future. All proceeds benefit the Mt Holiday Maintenance Department. All donations are tax deductible as Mt Holiday is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Even if you don't want to participate in comedy please come out and support this event! It will be a night of comedy, fundraising, and shenanigans! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Questions, comedy registration, donation information please contact Norm Bowbeer at MtHComedy@gmail.com. Thank you!

The Hipakritz Rock Big D's in Midland

Michigan based band "The Hipakritz" have been packing clubs and dance floors for over 15 years. Featuring 5 members with over 80 years of combined performance experience, The Hipakritz aim to keep the dance floor packed and the drinks flowing! Featuring songs from the 60's to today's hottest music, The Hipakritz guarantee Nothin' But A Good Time!
Be sure to check them out Friday, December 14 @ Big D's Bar & Grill in Midland.  It would be a shame if you missed them, but don't worry they  will be back on Saturday, December 15th.

"Santa!? I Know HIM!" And he's Coming to TC

Bob Bernard and Kailin Yong: HARVEST QUEEN

Porterhouse Productions - At last year's Earthwork Harvest Gathering, Bob Bernard and Kailin Yong met for the first time and spent hours every evening playing waltzes together and cultivating a deep kinship. Bob Bernard grew up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the son of two fiddlers, and has spent the last 35 years of his life tending bees, cattle, running a sawmill, educating, farming, fathering and fiddling on Earthwork Farm, where the Harvest Gathering takes place. Kailin grew up in Singapore and studied classical music at the Vienna Conservatory in Austria before expanding into jazz, folk and world-influenced styles while living in New York, San Francisco and, currently, Boulder. While Kailin is a virtuoso violinist, he considers himself a “fiddler for peace” and is a connoisseur of authentic beauty. Kailin found a profound earthy soul in Bob's music. Bob, having played these waltzes for most of his adulthood, felt them coming to life with energy and discovery while playing with Kailin. And so, together with Bob's son Seth Bernard, they recorded an exquisite album of waltzes at Heart Center Studios in Big Rapids, Michigan on December 9th and 10th, 2011, thanks to the generosity of the Erlewine family. The sessions were magical, culminating on the second day of the session, which was a full moon eclipse and also Bob’s 67th birthday. The album’s 16 waltzes include 12 instrumentals and 4 songs featuring the lovely harmony vocals of the Bernard girls (Jen, Wendy and May Erlewine Bernard). The album’s title track was written by Seth Bernard to honor the waltz matriarch, Grandma Jeannette Bernard, who was Marquette’s Harvest Queen in 1931. We hope you will join us, waltzing in the cradle of three-quarter time, and help us celebrate the release of "Harvest Queen”. Saturday Dec 1st @ Good Work Collective, Traverse City.  Doors @ 6:30 Show @ 7 Tix $10

Bihlman Brothers @ Union St. Station; TC

Let the good times roll!  Local (Traverse City) brothers have been kickin' out the jams for quite some time now, along with acquiring a little award called an Emmy.  An honor that goes along way in the music industry.  The Bihlman Brothers bluesy/rock/country/non-pop tunes have been around the Northern Michigan scene for a long time, with appearances including the Cherry Festival, opening up for Kid Rock, P!nk, Ted Nugent, Ray Charles, Johnny Lang, Charlie Daniels and local favorite Kenny Olsen, plus many more.  The Brothers now are coming back to Traverse City to perform at Union St. Station this weekend and take a shot at the Reality TV thingy.  Rumors have it that they will be filming some shots for the pilot this weekend, so we encourage all those wanna be stand ins to come down to check it out,  If nothing else, just get down there to enjoy the incredible talents of these "Blood Brothers". That's this Saturday, Dec. 1st @ Union St. Station, Traverse City, MI.

Get a Dose of Jedi Mind Trip

For those of you lucky enough to remember the 80s party NorthernSpin put on a few years ago, will ddefinitely remember the band who took us back in time.  That band was Jedi Mind Trip and what a trip it was.  JMT is Michigan's premier retro rock band.  Traveling through time bringing their sounds to your ears. Let them take you on a ride through that tubular history of music this Saturday, Dec. 1st at the Southside Hideout in Buckley, MI.  Mullets, Aqua net, legwarmers, and swatches are requested but not required.  You know you have some of that fashion itchin' to get out of your closet. So come on down (or up) to Southside Hideout and Rock this Town inside out!

Christmas With the Rat Pack

Olympia Entertainment - Detroit’s Fox Theatre will take a trip back in time this holiday season to join the company of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. for Christmas with The Rat Pack – Live at The Sands during a limited eight performance engagement, Tues., November 27 through Sun., December 2; part of the Fifth Third Bank Fox Theatre Series.

Christmas with The Rat Pack – Live at The Sands, will transport audiences to the glamorous, glitzy nights of Las Vegas in the late 1950s and early 60s to celebrate three of the world’s most popular entertainers, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. performing at the famous Sands hotel. Together with the fabulous Burrelli Sisters and The Rat Pack Big Band, the festive show will host seasonal classics including ’Baby it's Cold Outside,” ’Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” ’Let it Snow, Let it Snow,” ’White Christmas,” ’Winter Wonderland”; and the unforgettable Rat Pack hits ’Witchcraft,” ’Mr. Bojangles,” ’I've Got You Under My Skin,” ’That's Amore,” ’Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime,” ’New York, New York,” ’Fly Me to the Moon,” ’Sway,” ’Volare,” ’Me And My Shadow,” ’My Way,” ’Memories Are Made Of This” and many more.
Read more here... http://www.olympiaentertainment.com/default.asp?olympia=46&objId=573

Old Friends Share the 'Sounds of Silence'

From the guys that brought you the awesome entertainment at the first and second CherryT Ball Drop, New Years Celebration and the first and second Fall Crawl, a popular downtown Traverse City shin-dig, comes an event you'll never forget.

Oldfriends-sgtribute.comThere is no other Simon & Garfunkel tribute show that even comes close. Old Friends pays ultimate homage to this amazing American duo in their most memorable performance ever and stays true to the beauty of their timeless songs. Jason & Nick's warm, blending harmonies, crisp guitar work and attention to every detail make Old Friends the premier Simon & Garfunkel tribute show.
MyNorth.com - Old Friends is a stunning recreation of Simon & Garfunkel's 1981 Concert in Central Park. Mrs. Robinson, Homeward Bound, Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Boxer, Scarborough Fair, The Sounds of Silence... are just a few of the featured songs that have made Simon & Garfunkel one of the most successful and beloved artists of all time. Performed by Jason Elsenheimer & Nick Foresman.
$15; tickets available at Insideout Gallery or www.mynorthtickets.com.

This memorable performance will take place Friday, November 30th @ InsideOut Gallery

A Day For Giving Thanks!

As I was running late, on the trip to work this morning, I hit this chunk of rock or something.  As it shot out from my tires, which I just bought, I hear a very loud clunk.  My first thought was flat tire or damaged rim.  Ugh!  As I pulled over to check it out, I noticed the tires are fine and rim is fine, however, the skirting on the passenger, looked like a tuna can ripped opened with a dull knife. As I got back in the vehicle, a State Trooper pulls up, fortunately to see if I'm OK. A rough morning to start the day.  I wasn't feeling very thankful and quite frankly pissed at the world, but I decided to look at it another way.
If it wasn't for the new tires, I would of had a flat AND damaged rim and who knows what.  To have a Trooper stop by on a desolate road was rare, but what if I was stranded or hurt and he didn't stop by? By stopping the car to check it out, it's possible that it saved me from hitting a dear, another vehicle and yes...even from getting a speeding ticket.  So many scenarios could of happened differently, and for the worst.  So I'm thankful they didn't.  I'm also thankful God gave me the ability to see it differently, optimistically.  With so many negative things happening in the world today, there seems to be a lot of focus on what's going wrong. So today, regardless of who you spend the holiday with, and where you spend it, just find one thing you can be thankful for and focus on that, then focus on something else the next day.   Remember, don't let life rock you, but instead, go with the roll. Have a Great Thanksgiving you Jive Turkeys

Serving up Some Funktion at Short's Brewery

Once you click on the video you'll see why Short's Brewery in Bellaire, MI will be the place to be the night after Thanksgiving. Funktion will blow your mind and give ya something to be thankful for...music. That's this Friday, November 23rd in Bellaire, MI

Little Bohemia: 80 Years in Business!

LITTLE BOHEMIA celebrates 80 years in business (same location, only one change of ownership in 1969) on Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Eighty years in business means someone holds the recipe to excellence in customer service and giving the folks of Traverse City a great show.  Little Bohemia (previously known as Lil' Bo's), has been serving up some great music over the past several years and you'll be able to catch just a sample of that this Wednesday night.  Be sure to show up early and take advantage of the fine food they will be serving up.
Here's the deets:
The party starts at 3pm with music starting at 4pm with THE ACCIDENTALS featuring Zax Watson and Billy Strings until 7:30pm followed by RON GETZ TRIO from 8:30pm to 11.30pm! They'll have FREE APPS from 3pm until their gone and DRINK & BEER SPECIALS! In addition, they are having a 1930's BEST DRESSED CONTEST! Best Couple: Best Female: Best Male will win Little Bohemia Gift Certificates! The top 3 in each category will be selected by the staff and the winners will be chosen by customer applause at 9:30pm! Come and celebrate with them!

Brew Invites You to Celebrate 1st Year

It's been an incredible year for Brew of Traverse City.  Off to a great start and no plans to slow down.  Brew was open one year ago with one thing in mind; A great product, with great service.  Oh and let's throw some great music in there on Sundays and let's give them free Internet.  This is a perfect formula for a successful business, especially in Traverse City, where options for places to "hang", socialize, and just be apart of the scene, are on the rise.  Brew offers more than great music, service, and free Internet.  They have a large, and well thought out variety of coffee and tea products, some of the Nation's finest craft brews and food that will satisfy the pickiest of tastes.  Come celebrate Brew's 1 Year Anniversary this Friday, Nov. 23rd and fine out for yourself what all the 'buzz' is about. (ha, get it? Buzz?)

GWAR. Need I Say More?

At rockin' theatrical display, to say the least.  According to Wikipedia, GWAR has been defined as a satirical heavy metal band.  Well known for its elaborate science fiction/horror inspired costumes, obscene lyrics and graphic stage performances
The band's characteristic costumes are generally made of foam latex, Styrofoam, and hardened rubber. The costumes cover very little, with the rest of their bodies accentuated with makeup. They further their production in concert by spraying their audiences with mostly "harmless" fluids.
Even with projectiles that seem to be "harmless", I would suggest wearing a rain poncho, wet suit, or start a need fashion fad by wearing a garbage bag with holes cut out.  Either way, come for the music or come for the fun GWAR will NOT disappoint.  Check them out live in Grand Rapids, MI at the Intersection, Tuesday, November 20th.

Thanksgiving With Uncle Kracker

Uncle Kracker always packs the house when he comes to Traverse City, MI.  I think he may like coming here as much as we enjoy having him visit.  Ground Zero Nightclub, inside Streeter's Entertainment Center, will be filled with the most thankful fans on November 24th (that's a Saturday).  Uncle Kracker started his music scene running around with the likes of Kid Rock and our hometown hero Kenny Olson. Making a career of his own, UK has been very successful and with two days after Thanksgiving, you can see why.  Come check him out with other special guests at Ground Zero Nightclub, Nov. 24th.

Don Julin is no Dummy

Don Julin has been making the scene in Northern Michigan for several years.  A well respected, well known and very talented musician.  So talented, he was able to share his love and passion  for the mandolin and teach us "Dummies" how to share his fondness for the instrument.
Join us for Don Julin's "Mandolin for Dummies" Book Brouhaha this Sunday @ 4:00pm, November 18th, 2012.  "Where?" you say?  Glad you asked. Don and his entourage will be at Left Foot Charley located in the Grand Traverse Commons area, 806 Red. Dr. Traverse City, MI.
Come celebrate!  "Books will be available for purchase, LFC's exquisite nectar to enjoy & live music for your ears."
For more information about Don, his book and his schedule, go to www.donjulin.com

What's the Spin on DJ DomiNate?

One of Northern Michigan's top DJs is making his mark in the music spinning scene.  His name is DJ DomiNate and he's spinning out of control.  Here's your chance to hear what all the noise is about.  DJ DomiNate will be playing Wednesday night at Union Street Station in Traverse City with a side trip to Streeter's on Nov. 21st.  Check out what others have said:

"Dj DomiNate is an absolute can't miss! The Best club DJ in Northern Michigan, and it's not close."
Matt Mansfield Afternoon drive Jock Today's Best Hits, Z93 WJZQ, 92.9 fm

"DJ Dominate is a top DJ in our now age of diverse music.  I have had him headline festivals and shows where over 35,000 have seen or been moved by his innate ability to play any crowd and send people away extremely happy.  Dominate is bound for glory with the capacity to tour globally and ability to play any atmosphere from a 10,000 capacity festival to a 100 capacity club"   -   Sam Porter, Porterhouse Productions

For a schedule of DJ DomiNate sightings, check out the [Event Calendar] section of NorthernSpin.com

Bring the Kids to the Three Little Pigs.

City Opera House - Think you know the real story behind the huffing and puffing? Think again. There’s only one individual who knows the true story about one wolf, three houses and three little pigs: Alexander T. Wolf. In this revealing, no-squealing adaptation of Jon Scieszka’s popular book, A. Wolf tells his side of the story. He only wanted a cup of sugar and he had a cold. Mr. A. Wolf tells all about what really happened to those three little houses made of straw, sticks and bricks and the pigs who lived in them. Featuring the award-winning Paul Mesner Puppets, this entertaining puppet production is perfect for the family.

This event is for the all the children in life, no matter what age.  Two shows on Saturday, November 24th @ 11am & 1:30pm.  Please contact COH for more info. http://www.cityoperahouse.org

Veteran's Day 2012

There are certain celebrations that just aren't compatible with the introduction using the word "happy", but we see it , or say it too often.  Happy Memorial Day &  Happy Veteran's Day are perfect examples.  Although this was a time in history worth celebrating it wasn't a happy time.
 I guess what I'm trying to say is, let's not lose sight of what this day is all about.  Start by honoring those men and women that have served in the Armed Services, and thank a Vet with your love, support & respect.

I would like to celebrate today with thanking my father, Harry Sweebe, for his service to our beautiful country and wish him a wonderful and beloved birthday as well! Love ya Pops!

Thank you Veterans and may God continue to bless America.

16th Annual Poet's Night Out

It reminds of the movie "So I Married an Axe Murderer."  Picture the scene when Mike Meyers is standing on stage, with a lit cigerette, in a dimmly lit coffee house. In a time when you could smoke and be entertained at the same time, the words "Woman!" "Whoaaaaa...MAN!" are called out from the stage.  A classic scene respenting poets from everywhere.  It may not be exactly the same format or Hollywood scene you're used to, but I'm pretty sure it will still be pretty cool as well as entertaining.
So apparently, several poets in the area have submitted their work months ago, has been judged and selected to be presented in front of hundreds.  If you need more info on this shindig, contact the City Opera House and tell 'em NorthernSpin sent ya.  Ok, enjoy! This Sunday, November 11th.

Who's Dick Wagner and Where Can I Find Him?

Rock 'n' Roll's most famous guitarist and songwriter you've never heard about.  Dick Wagner has been in the business for over 40 years and has written and played some of the most popular songs in Rok 'n' Roll history.  He's performed with hundreds of other incredibly talented folks.  Perhaps this bit from the Official Dick Wagner Site says it best:

Wagner, the often "Invisible Virtuoso," takes readers on a literary journey as he shares a lifetime of experience as lead guitarist and songwriter for international rock icons including Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Air Supply, and more. In his captivating, witty, literate, and often touching memoir, Wagner delivers colorful tales of reckless behavior and intimate debauchery with an emotional reverberation that resonates with a wide reading audience. It’s not just "sex, drugs and Rock & Roll.” From industry successes and failures, to personal struggles with family and relationships, “Not Only Women Bleed” is a hard-driving, heart-driven life scripture, vividly and joyfully conveyed.  Read more here...http://www.wagnermusic.com/news.htm

Dick has made several trips to Northern Michigan, which included a few stops in Traverse City.  Most recently, back in October DW stopped at Horizon Books for a book signing and then a performance that evenning at the InsideOut Gallery.  For those who missed him up here, you'll have a few chances to see him downstate.  Nov. 10th @ Barnes & Mullins Bookstore - Brighton AND Nov. 11th @ The BookBeat - Oak Park.  This is a must check out show.  Peace out!

Make That JOURNEY to Grand Rapids, LOVERBOY.

Ok Michigan, this could be your last chance to see three of the most iconic bands of the 80s and quite possibly all time.  Journey along with special guests Pat Benetar & Loverboy will hit the stage for your listening pleasure this Saturday November 10th in Grand Rapids, MI at the Van Andel Arena.  A nice intimate venue to ensure pure enjoyment.
I'm serious, just think about an evening that will help you time travel back to a time that is embedded in your mind as the best music of our time. If you can't go, and I'm sure it's not from a lack of interest, but prior commitments, be sure to share this with all your friends.  Remember, even after the election, you can still rock in America. (I know, that was a Night Ranger reference, but stay tuned, you might be hearing about them soon.  Who knows.) Rock on!  \m/ (>.<) \m/

Election Day!

It's a big day for many.  The election has an effect on so many people for many different reasons, concerned about the economy, concerned about their job, or concerned about healthcare.  Who's gonna be president? Who's gonna take care of us? Who will lead us, not into temptation, but deliver us from evil? (oops that's for a different  post).

No matter what your concerns are, your political views, your choice of party, just remember a few things.
1) Your vote counts- GO DO IT!
2) Let your conscience be your guide.
3) It's still a great country!
4) This is a great video by Alice Cooper.
 And remember...
5) Who ever wins, will be our President.

God bless you and God bless America!

Asleep at the Wheel Will Wake You up, Nov. 12th

CityOperaHouse.com reports:  Nine-time Grammy- winning Texas swing band, Asleep at the Wheel, performs at City Opera House on Monday, November 12, 2012 -7:30 pm.   Asleep at the Wheel, the famed western-swing, boogie, and roots-music outfit that’s, amazingly, is still on the upswing . That’s saying something too, considering the group’s been around for nearly 40 years, turning out an incredible 25+ albums while playing an unrelenting schedule of one-nighters that would make a vaudevillian dizzy. 
"These guys are still kicking it after 40 years! Fun, funny, tight band with some new blood fitting right in. I'd see them live any time..." -Concert goer, Portland, OR
Can a wheel reinvent itself while it’s still rolling? Sounds like an impossible task -- but you never want to say "impossible" to Asleep at the Wheel. Even as the Wheel rolled on, the reinvention had begun.  On Nov. 12th  you can see and hear it in their live show, where new vocalist Elizabeth McQueen invites comparison with the classic female vocalists of the band’s earlier era, and fiddler-singer Jason Roberts gives the band a second male lead voice to complement Benson’s immediately identifiable baritone.
"Best Wheel show since the last time I saw them in '72. Their new vocalist is a wonderful addition …Ray has still got it... Voice and guitar licks are right on time and unmistakable Wheel. There not just for old folks. My 24 year old son was "in the groove" too..." -June 2012, Ticketmaster Fan Review
Ok, even though I have never had the pleasure of seeing this band in concert, I'm tempted to go simply because it's going on at the Opera House in Traverse City.  
Every show I've been to there has certainly helped me leave with the utmost satisfied feeling.  So  I guess we'll see ya there Nov. 12 (that's a Tuesday).

Yo! Set Your Clocks Back!

Today is the night we set our clocks back to conform to the Daylight Savings Time (DST) method.  So, keeping it in the spirit of the political season, we listed the controversy between the Proponents and the Opponents, as found in the Wikipedia:

  • Proponents of DST generally argue that it saves energy, promotes outdoor leisure activity in the evening, and is therefore good for physical and psychological health, reduces traffic accidents, reduces crime, or is good for business. Groups that tend to support DST are urban workers or professionals, retail businesses, outdoor sports enthusiasts and businesses, tourism operators, and others who benefit from increased light during the evening.
  • Opponents argue that actual energy savings are inconclusive, that DST can disrupt morning activities, and that the act of changing clocks twice a year is economically and socially disruptive and cancels out any benefit. Groups that have tended to oppose DST are farmers, transportation companies, and the indoor entertainment business.

  • Either way, ya gotta do it.  Yeeeaaaahhhh Boi!

    From the CMAs to VAA; It's Zac Brown Band

    Performing Nov. 8th @ Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids.

    Zac Brown Band may have nine hit singles, two platinum-selling records and countless dedicated fans, but to hear its members talk they're just getting warmed up. That's right—after numerous nights in front of packed arenas and amphitheaters, things are just beginning to come together for this accomplished band of brothers, led by one of the most charismatic individuals ever to don a beanie and dominate radio.
    The band's latest album 'Uncaged' (Atlantic/Southern Ground) which debuted at #1 on Billboard 200 is proof positive. The result of a highly collaborative process, it's the sound of a group of versatile musicians gelling into a formidable unit and realizing they're capable of anything their fearless leader happens to dream up, from traditional country ("The Wind") to Caribbean rhythms ("Jump Right In") and even slinky bedroom R&B ("Overnight"). Running roughshod over genre boundaries, and bringing its audience along for the ride, its title is absolutely accurate—this is truly the sound of a band 'Uncaged'.
    Read more... http://www.zacbrownband.com/band

    (Band info from official webite zacbrownband.com)

    The Banana Convention is no Monkey Business

    Performing: Saturday, Nov. 3rd at LumberJacks Saloon, Bay City, MI

    A little bit of soul. A pinch of pop. A lot of rock. And an overabundance of fun. This is what the self proclaimed "circus rock" band, The Banana Convention, brings to every one of their performances; and it's what has kept their audiences from New York to Detroit to Los Angeles - and many stops in between - entertained and having fun over the last 4+ years.
    Leading the pack on vocals is the extremely talented and equally as beautiful Shar "The Mighty Afrodytee" Molina. She can belt out her lead vocals with all the power and soul of the greatest singers of any genre. Her vocal range and energy keep the audience engaged and focused on her and on every sultry move.
    Percussionist Monte Nothelfer shakes the meanest tambourine this side of Davy Jones, while backing up Afrodytee with his unique vocal style. Bassist Sean Drysdale keeps the funky flow while drummer Chris Howard's punk-like beats provide the high octane fuel that rocket the band into the stratosphere. Jake Voisine on guitar has been banned in several non-smoking establishments because his licks come so fast and furious that his guitar neck has been known to catch flame. Read more...http://rosewander.com/The_Banana_Convention.html

    Actor/Comedian Brian Posehn Comes to Michigan

    Performing Live @ The Machine Shop, Flint - Nov. 9th & Streeter's Entertainment Center, Traverse City - Nov. 10th

    Comedian/actor/writer Brian Posehn has most recently been seen on Comedy Central's popular show, "The Sarah Silverman Program" and on tour as one of the original members of the "Comedians of Comedy".
    Besides writing and performing on HBO's acclaimed "Mr. Show", he has appeared in sitcoms such as "Just Shoot Me", "Seinfeld", "NewsRadio", "Everybody Loves Raymond", and "Friends".
    Brian has also appeared in several movies, including Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects" and "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer", "Sex Drive" and "Surfs Up".
    In 2006 he released his first graphic novel, "The Last Christmas", and a comedy album: "Live in Nerd Rage".
    His music video for "Metal By Numbers" has been viewed over two million times on You Tube and My Space.
    He is a regular on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and was a crowd favorite at the recent Bob Saget Roast on Comedy Central.  Read more @ http://brianposehn.com/index.cfm?page=biography

    2012 Blues Challenge Comes to Buckley

    Saturday Nov 10, 2012

    Southside Hideout has been bringing some pretty cool shindigs over the Summer months and continue to heat up the Fall & Winter months with yet another great show.

    The coolest event in NW Michigan @ Southside Hideout in Buckley is only days away!!! This area's finest Blues artists all come together to see who will be the lucky winner who will go on to represent @ the International Blues Challenge in Memphis held by the Blues Foundation, January 29 - February 2, 2013.
    Southside Hideout will be creating the ultimate "Blues BBQ" menu with amazing homemade "down-south" specialties including pulled pork slammies, cherry smoked ribs and monster-sized wings! This is a big deal folks so reserve this date on your calendar and HELP KEEP THE BLUES ALIVE!! - Southside Hideout Facebook Page
    Before you head out to the woods, be sure to head into the Hideout for some rockin' good times.

    Safety Tips for a Happy Halloween

    The American Red Cross has released a list of tips to keep everyone safe on Halloween night.

    On Costume Safety:
    • Add reflective tape to costumes and trick-or-treat bags.
    • Use flame-resistant costumes.
    • Use face makeup instead of masks, which can cover their eyes and make it hard to see.
    When Trick or Treating:
    • Make sure trick-or-treaters have a flashlight.
    • Visit only the homes that have a porch light on. Accept treats at the door--never go inside.
    • Walk only on the sidewalks, not in the street. If no sidewalk is available, walk at the edge of the roadway, facing traffic.
    • Look both ways before crossing the street, and cross only at the corner.
    • Don't cut across yards or use alleys. Don't cross between parked cars. Be cautious around strange animals, especially dogs.
    On Greeting Trick or Treaters: 
    • Make sure the outdoor lights are on.
    • Sweep leaves from sidewalks and steps.
    • Clear the porch or front yard of any obstacles that a child could trip over.
    • Restrain pets.
    To avoid a fire hazard with jack-o-lanterns, try using a glow stick instead of a candle. 

    Enjoy and be safe! \m/ (^v^) \m/

    Jana Kramer Heats up the Opera House

    Live performance: Friday, November 2, 2012

    “Her debut single "Why Ya Wanna" finds the Michigan native showcasing a surprising twang that effortlessly flows as she sings ... It's a charming feature to her voice that appears on every song…”  - Matt Bjorke, Roughstock Reviews
    Singer-songwriter-actress, Jana Kramer, is lighting up country music with her emotionally moving songs and sweet, country vocals, already selling nearly 200,000 digital singles in less than six months. Jana Kramer’s country hit “Why Ya Wanna” is currently Top 10 and ranking as the highest charting female debut since Taylor Swift’s 2006 single “Tim McGraw.”  All eyes are on Jana as she boldly graces country music with a fresh, new sound and powerful new music. Kramer will perform at City Opera House as she makes her way across America on her first countrywide promotional singing tour. Don’t miss this rising star!
    Growing up in Detroit, Jana is no stranger to the rich history of country music, crediting one of her favorite memories to baking cookies with her grandmother while listening to Patsy Cline. These little moments are one of the many reasons why Jana hopes to share her music with others.  "I love acting, but my heart and soul is in singing. I've been terrified to pursue this dream because it's so personal to me. If someone tells me they don't like my voice, it's a lot harder of a hit to take," said Jana. "This is what I've always wanted to do. I've wanted to do music my entire life.”
    “One Tree Hill” fans already know the multi-faceted talents of Jana Kramer. The beautiful singer/songwriter/actress has three successful songs featured on The CW's "One Tree Hill," where she plays the firecracker actress, Alex Dupre. Jana is no stranger to the bright lights with her impressive string of movie and television roles, but she credits her recent break into the music industry as her most important accomplishment to date. If you ask Jana Kramer to describe her life in this very moment she would say, "Dreams really do come true."
    "Country music is in my blood. I love country music because it tells a story and I have a lot of stories to tell."  - Jana Kramer

    Special notes: Please note, this is a seated show: For the safety of guests and preservation of a city treasure, the Asleep at the Wheel performance is a seated show. 2012 marks the 120 year for City Opera House and inherited limitations come with a historic venue. The structural integrity cannot be comprised. Thank you for your understanding.

    Devil's Night; Theory of a Deadman Comes Alive

    I remember when I first saw Theory of a Deadman perform, it was in Grand Rapids, MI at the Orbit room in 2003.  They opened up for a little band called 3 Doors Down.  Now both bands have made their mark in the musical society.  This Devil's Night will, without a doubt, go down as the hottest night of performance in Traverse City, MI.  These cats will rock your faces off, make your ears bleed, and cause your heart to pound out of your chest (how's that for a Halloween style description?).   Be sure to call ahead for your tickets, or go online:  Streeter's Entertainment Center, Ground Zero  231-932-1300 or www.streetersonline.com.
    I'm Brian Sweebe and I approve this concert.  \m/ (^v^) \m/

    Medicare – What you MUST Know for 2013!

    Press Release - October 24, 2012 (Grand Traverse County)

    The Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network, in an effort to help Seniors know about all of their options and changes to Medicare, have scheduled a Medicare seminar. The seminar will be Wednesday, November 7th at 3:00 p.m. The public is welcome to come learn more about this very important topic. The seminar will be
    held at the Senior Center Network building at 801 E. Front St. Traverse City.

    Medicare‘s Annual Enrollment Period runs from October 15, 2012 to December 7, 2012. Within that period of time Medicare beneficiaries have the opportunity to access their current coverage and make any needed adjustments and changes that they feel are appropriate to their needs. Unfortunately there is quite a bit of confusion regarding Medicare and what is needed to do for the coming year.

    Fred Goldenberg, of Senior Benefit Solutions, has been in the health insurance business for over twenty years with a great wealth of knowledge about Medicare and its inner workings. In his educational seminar about Medicare he will cover the basics and a more in-depth look at the parts of Medicare and the plans associated with it. This will be an educational seminar only and no specific plans or sales
    material will be handed out at that time. By attending this meeting participants will gain additional knowledge of the process and be able to make an educated decision about their 2013 Medicare enrollment.

    For more information or to register for this event contact the Senior Center Network at 922-4911 or email ehovie@grandtraverse.org.

    Costumes for a Cure

    Performing Oct. 26th -

    Planet Sabbath features the incredible talents of Dave Hall, Keith Christians and Paul Saylor.  Together they are more than musicians, they are guys who care.  Coming up October 26th &amp; 27th, join them in Davidson at the Outer Limits for Costumes for a Cure.  $5 at the door gets you in to enjoy not just one great band but 19 bands.
    Costumes are not required but you would look silly if you didn't wear one.
    Help make a difference, fight for the cure and be a part of the history in making as Planet Sabbath plays their final performance.

    Zombies Run For A Cause

    The Zombie Run has become a T.C. favorite since its creation in 2009 and is well on its way to becoming a Halloween tradition. What's not to like? Zombies and beer have always been a winning combination.

    Over the last three years we have seen zombies from all walks of life, or should I say death. There have been wedding party zombies, zombies in tutus, baby zombies, and even Zombie Jesus made an appearance last year! The only thing we never saw was someone not having a good time!

    As you may know, Right Brain Brewery has moved to 16th Street, the SoFo district, and the Zombie Run has moved with them. The run wouldn't be the same without our friends at the Brain, get it? Therefore, the race will be changing its route this year. We have also scrapped the survivor/infected thing. Even though costumes are never required we’re going all zombie. The more blood and guts, the better!

    Remember to stick around after the race because the beer will be flowing. Who says you can't drink before noon? Besides, you’re already dead anyway! (Oct. 22,  from www.tczombierun.com)

    Register now! Zombie run t-shirts cannot be guaranteed after October 25th.

    Costumes for a Cure

    Planet Sabbath features the incredible talents of Dave Hall, Keith Christians and Paul Saylor.  Together they are more than musicians, they are guys who care.  Coming up October 26th & 27th, join them in Davidson at the Outer Limits for Costumes for a Cure.  $5 at the door gets you in to enjoy not just one great band but 19 bands. 

    Costumes are not required but you would look silly if you didn't wear one.

    Help make a difference, fight for the cure and be a part of the history in making as Planet Sabbath plays their final performance

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