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Asleep at the Wheel Will Wake You up, Nov. 12th

CityOperaHouse.com reports:  Nine-time Grammy- winning Texas swing band, Asleep at the Wheel, performs at City Opera House on Monday, November 12, 2012 -7:30 pm.   Asleep at the Wheel, the famed western-swing, boogie, and roots-music outfit that’s, amazingly, is still on the upswing . That’s saying something too, considering the group’s been around for nearly 40 years, turning out an incredible 25+ albums while playing an unrelenting schedule of one-nighters that would make a vaudevillian dizzy. 
"These guys are still kicking it after 40 years! Fun, funny, tight band with some new blood fitting right in. I'd see them live any time..." -Concert goer, Portland, OR
Can a wheel reinvent itself while it’s still rolling? Sounds like an impossible task -- but you never want to say "impossible" to Asleep at the Wheel. Even as the Wheel rolled on, the reinvention had begun.  On Nov. 12th  you can see and hear it in their live show, where new vocalist Elizabeth McQueen invites comparison with the classic female vocalists of the band’s earlier era, and fiddler-singer Jason Roberts gives the band a second male lead voice to complement Benson’s immediately identifiable baritone.
"Best Wheel show since the last time I saw them in '72. Their new vocalist is a wonderful addition …Ray has still got it... Voice and guitar licks are right on time and unmistakable Wheel. There not just for old folks. My 24 year old son was "in the groove" too..." -June 2012, Ticketmaster Fan Review
Ok, even though I have never had the pleasure of seeing this band in concert, I'm tempted to go simply because it's going on at the Opera House in Traverse City.  
Every show I've been to there has certainly helped me leave with the utmost satisfied feeling.  So  I guess we'll see ya there Nov. 12 (that's a Tuesday).

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