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A Day For Giving Thanks!

As I was running late, on the trip to work this morning, I hit this chunk of rock or something.  As it shot out from my tires, which I just bought, I hear a very loud clunk.  My first thought was flat tire or damaged rim.  Ugh!  As I pulled over to check it out, I noticed the tires are fine and rim is fine, however, the skirting on the passenger, looked like a tuna can ripped opened with a dull knife. As I got back in the vehicle, a State Trooper pulls up, fortunately to see if I'm OK. A rough morning to start the day.  I wasn't feeling very thankful and quite frankly pissed at the world, but I decided to look at it another way.
If it wasn't for the new tires, I would of had a flat AND damaged rim and who knows what.  To have a Trooper stop by on a desolate road was rare, but what if I was stranded or hurt and he didn't stop by? By stopping the car to check it out, it's possible that it saved me from hitting a dear, another vehicle and yes...even from getting a speeding ticket.  So many scenarios could of happened differently, and for the worst.  So I'm thankful they didn't.  I'm also thankful God gave me the ability to see it differently, optimistically.  With so many negative things happening in the world today, there seems to be a lot of focus on what's going wrong. So today, regardless of who you spend the holiday with, and where you spend it, just find one thing you can be thankful for and focus on that, then focus on something else the next day.   Remember, don't let life rock you, but instead, go with the roll. Have a Great Thanksgiving you Jive Turkeys

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