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REO Speedwagon "Keep Pushin'" After All These Years

Since 1967, REO Speedwagon has been strummin', beatin', and jammin' all over this "Golden Country".  Do they look tired?  Not at all.  They keep "Rollin' With The Changes". Just last Summer I had yet another opportunity to see these cats in Mt. Pleasant, MI with Boston and there was no sign of aging present.  Such a classic American band.  Only because I "Can't Fight This Feeling", I'm going to strongly suggest you check them out Jan. 17th at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI.  But for now it's "Time For Me To Fly".  Even if you don't go or can't go, I'm going to "Keep On Loving You" because you continue to enjoy my posts on NorthernSpin.com :)

Michigan Can Compete With NYC & Vegas This NYE

The Mitten Bar, Ludington, Mich.
In the company of other bars in New York City, Atlanta, Aspen & New Orleans, even Las Vegas - Ludington, yes in Michigan, was in the top 8.

"Better than the ball drop: 8 great New Year’s Eve party bars",
according to Yahoo!

 Ludington, Mich., has its own ball drop. Who knew? If you’re a beer lover, you’ve likely heard of Mitten Bar. It’s been featured in Road Belly Magazine, and both Draft magazine and Food & Wine listed it as a 2013 best beer bar in our nation. “We are located just feet from the Downtown Ludington Ball Drop, and this is a huge night for us,” says Owner Megan Payment. “So partygoers can view the Ball Drop from inside our space while drinking an incredible Michigan brew. We usually live stream a show like Umphrey’s McGee or something similar, and additionally, we'll be featuring L. Mawby Sex on Tap.”

Bring it on Home to the Intersection in Grand Rapids

Where's my Zeppelin fans?  Sometimes there's just certain bands that can't be replicated, and until now I thought Led Zeppelin was one of those bands.  I have seen tribute bands do some great things and sound fantastic (especially if you close your eyes), but until I saw Led Zeppelin 2 perform I was skeptical of a tribute band being the full package.  This is one band you will want to keep your eyes open so that you can emulate the dream of returning to the 1970s.  Led Zeppelin 2 will be performing their talents at the Intersection in Grand Rapids Dec 30th.  I know it's the night before New Years eve, but this should be the night (if you need to pick just one) you make happen.
Here's a little snippet for you to enjoy, so you don't have to just take my word for it.

Mike Birbiglia: Thank God For Jokes

Award-winning filmmaker, author, and comedian Mike Birbiglia returns to the stage with more painfully awkward stories of telling jokes and how that can get you in trouble. Join Birbiglia as he visits Cats-a-chusetts, argues with someone about their nut allergy, hosts an awards show for angry celebrities, and learns that Fozzie Bear is a tough act to follow. Ira Glass of public radio's This American Life writes "Birbiglia's stories are even funnier live than they are on the radio." Time Magazine calls Birbiglia "master of the personal, embarrassing tale." The New York Times describes him as a "supremely enjoyable monologist."
City Opera House, Jan. 15th, 2014

American Big Band's Home For the Holidays

In American Big Band, a cast of 8 singer/dancers and 12 musicians perform a jazzy and snazzy evening featuring a fully staged, costumed and choreographed big band show. Established in 2004, American Big Band has thrilled audiences everywhere with their show-stopping synthesis of Big Band stylings and Broadway staging. Their ability to meld popular classics with the latest show tunes and choreography creates a uniquely entertaining evening perfect for the holidays. Their City Opera House debut performance of Home for the Holidays will feature all-time holiday hits from Bing to Buble in an energizing holiday spectacular!
Group info: 10 for 10: Bring a group of 10 or more and save 10%

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