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Where Will You Bring In The New Year?

Where will you be on New Year's Eve?  Perhaps you enjoy a quiet evening at home or prefer the excitement of 10,000 of your closest friends living it up outside, there is something for everyone.  Traverse City has the CherryT Ball Drop; an event created for a cause to one of Northern Michigan's most beautiful towns, while doing something great for the community.  Midland is offering Midnight on Main, the "Largest Ball" drop in the state and Grand Rapids has some of the best entertainment to offer.  Whatever you decide, please be safe, play fair and enjoy!  Happy New Year from all of us at NorthernSpin.com

The Verve Pipe Comes to GR With Domestic Problems

Dec. 27th @ The Intersection
The Verve Pipe is back with its first proper rock album in 13 years, “Overboard,” due out June 17. Listen to the title track, co-written by acclaimed actor Jeff Daniels below. 
On the new song, the Grand Rapids, MI, band leads listeners along a dark tale with gentle instrumentation and a narrative that that grows troubling. Singer and songwriter Brian Vander Ark explains the track started as a love story about a girl swimming in “lovely” Lake Superior and then turned more somber. 
“‘There's a girl in Michigan, up in Lake Superior,’” he says, reciting the start of the song’s chorus. “The puzzle as a songwriter was: Why do we care?  (Read more)

Time to 'Get a Little' in Wayland, Michigan Next Week.

West Michigan's local band heros come home for the holidays.  Currently on tour and promoting their new album featuring the hit single "Get a Little".  Come check out the band WAYLAND Thursday, December 18th at McDuff's in, none other than, the town of Wayland.  A great time with great music and an opportunity to help out the kiddos in your home town.  McDuff's is collecting toys for the little ones this Christmas season.  Come on down and be merry.  Rock on!

What To Do While In Grand Rapids This Weekend

It's been nearly 20 years since Jackyl shot out of Georgia with its wild, untamed and uncouth approach to rock 'n' roll.  Equal parts rock, heavy metal and Southern rock, Jackyl formed in 1991 and brought back rock 'n' roll -- back to its down-to-earth, wild, fun-loving origins.  Full of spit and swagger -- and a "dirty" sense of humor to boot -- Jackyl quickly earned a deal with Geffen Records.  Jackyl's live shows were already legendary before the ink dried on the Geffen contract.

By now I'm sure most of you reading this, have seen Jackyl once or twice, and if you have, great!  Go see them again.  If you are one of the less fortunate folks to not see them, NOW is the time.  Jackyl will preforming this Saturday, Dec. 7th @ the Intersection in downtown Grand Rapids.  This, of course, is a show you don't wanna miss.  \m/ (>.<) \m/

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