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A Little Detroit Secret, Know Around The World.

It sometimes takes months, even years to get the feeling you belong to a certain bar or restaurant.  A place you call your own.  A place you tell your buddies, "Hey, I know this great place.  They know me there."  Well I found one and it only took one stop.  By the time I made my second appearance, I found myself enjoying the entire evening chatting away with the owners Larry & Diane.  Diane kept my glued to my seat with stories of the history of Café D'Mongo's.  The people they have met, the countless "celebrities" that have graced them with there presence.  She was so proud yet humbled by the visits.  In my opinion, it's the guests and, yes, the "celebrities" that should be honored to partake in such an exquisite establishment.
Café D'Mongo's is a petite speakeasy with larger than life details. Seats and booths left over from the 60s may as early as the 20s. Photos and art everywhere you look to keep you intrigued for hours.  Live entertainment packed in the front, with only enough room for the musicians to take a half of breath between notes. The staff, I was fortunate enough to have, was attentive, efficient and friendly.  A trio you can't find every day. Red (pictured) introduced me to their, now world famous, drink called 'Detroit Brown'.  A perfect blend of top secret liquor and mixes to satisfy your taste in an evening of socializing with new friends. 
Café D'Mongo's is a must stop for everyone.  This is the most eclectic mix of folks I have ever seen under one (small) roof.  So re-introduce yourself to Detroit, and make a stop to Café D'Mongo's.  Tell 'em Brian sent ya. You will not be disappointed. Nestled in a tight little neighborhood off Clifford St. @ 1439 Griswold St. Detroit, MI.  Cheers!

Here's a few link to help you discover the beauty of this little gem.

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