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What's So Funny About This Winter Anyway?

Nice segway from one festival to another. Music and BEer to Comedy.  How can anyone be upset with this time of year.  Traverse City does everything they can to help you escape the Winter blues.  
This Weekend will kick off the the annual Winter Comedy Arts Festival. Fred Willard, Rosie O'Donnell and Michael Ian Black will be here to help us cope with the cold.  

Here's a couple shows you also don't want to miss:
*TJ and Dave - Straight from their sold-out shows at the Barrow Theatre in New York's Greenwich Village, this comedy duo has been anointed as the best in the U.S. by the New York Times (read this extraordinary article from last week). I promise you, you'll never see improv this smart and this amazing - don't miss it!!
*Michael Ian Black - What more needs to be said about this comic genius? I've seen his show and I've seen his films and I'm encouraging you to come see him here in Traverse City. You won't be disappointed. 
*Tig Notaro - Tig is huge on the coasts, one of the most sought-out comedians working today. There is no show like this one. You will not see someone like Tig Notaro again in Traverse City until that guy who rides up and down Front St. waving a large Confederate flag becomes a Buddhist. 
*Mike Toomey - Hey guess what -- we're finally offering a "clean" comedy show! No swearing! No unnatural body sounds! Come see Mike Toomey, a brilliant comedian who relies on his wit and smarts instead of the F-bomb. Now that's historic! You'll see this show as a sweet oasis in the middle of a crazy weekend. Come join me in seeing Mike Toomey. 

For a complete list and scheduling info please check the website www.wintercomedy.org

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