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Made in Detroit; Grammy Style

With the Detroit Auto Show going on it's easy to think of Detroit as the Motor Capital of the World, but do you ever stop and think about how much music has been produced by this same "beautiful" town?  The talent, in the music industry, is endless. Alice Copper, Bob Seger, Madonna, Romantics (Flint), Stevie Wonder and all the Motown folks.  The list goes on and on.  What's my point?  Well, Detroit is a city in the beginning stages of rebuilding, but through all the rumble, one thing is clear.  Detroit not only spews out filth into the air, it bellows musical talents throughout the air waves.
"At least 38 Grammy Award winners and nominees from the past five years have a Detroit connection." - Stateside Staff
So say yes to Detroit.  Next time your driving and you hear a catchy tune or a rockin' rif, just remember, chances are the vehicle and the song was "Made in Detroit"! Embrace the beauty this town has been offering you for decades.  \m/ (>.<) \m/

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